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The Chinese zodiac is based on a cycle of twelve years. Unlike the western calendar, which is based on the solar year. The old Chinese calendar is based on the Lunar year. Or cycles of the moon. The Chinese have been using the solar calendar since 1911, but for purposes of their festivals, they still resort to the old lunar calendar.

The group of twelve animals of the zodiac, first started appearing during the Zhan Guo Shi Dai (Warring States ) period. ( 475 B.C.E. - 220 B.C.E. )

A fixed identity for each sign took place during the Han Dynasty ( 206 B.C.E. - 220 B.C.E. ).

And the popularity of determining a persons birth year by way of the zodiac, took hold during the North Zho Dynasty ( 557 C.E. - 581 C.E. )

It is said that Buddha had summoned all of the animals on earth to his bedside. But only twelve of these responded. And so in their honor, he named a year after each one of them. Thus the twelve year cycle. Each year or animal has it's own characteristics that affect the happenings of that particular year. It is also believed that when a person is born under a particular animals sign, that they will have the assigned qualities of that animal. To look up information pertaining to your birth year, a link to the Chinese calendar can be found in the Whispering Woods Library. Following are the animals of the Chinese zodiac and their characteristics:

The Year of the Rat
People born during the year of the rat are hard working, materialistic, and generally intellectual. They tend to set goals and for the most part, achieve them.

They are considered to be both thrifty as well as charming. And though easily angered, they are generally successful in life. They are most compatible with people born during the Ox, Dragon and Monkey years.

The year of the Ox
A person of this sign is also known to have a bad temper. They generally are considered to be dependable and easy going. They are methodical to the point of stubborness. They are somewhat bigoted in their views. and at times are considered a bit eccentric. They tend to be very confident in their abilities. A person of this year tends to favor people of the Rat, Snake and Rooster signs.

The Year of the Tiger
Also a bad tempered type person. People of this year tend to stand out among their peers. They are considered as being dynamic, warm and sensitive to others. But they can be of a suspicious mind, which creates problems for them.Their level of courage is without question. They are most compatible with those of the Dragon, Horse and Dog signs.

The year of the Hare
Those of this sign tend to be artistic and clear-sighted. They have a sense of honor and are often trusted and admired by their peers. They are hard to anger. And are considered humble and virtuous. They treat others with kindness and understanding. They are considered ambitious and very good at business affairs.
They associate best with the Dragon, Horse and Dog signs.

Year of the Dragon
This is a sign of a quick tempered person. They are somewhat hyper and very energetic. They are considered to be the most eccentric of all the animal signs. They are seen as being imaginative and honest in their outlook.They are also flamboyant and very brave. They tend to be soft of heart. They also tend to be lucky in life. They co-habit best with Rat, Snake, Monkey and Rooster signs.

Year of the Snake
This sign represents a deep and intelligent people. This person tends to be self absorbed and very egotistical. They can be very intense and single-minded. And yet they appear calm and discreet. They tend to reach out to those less fortunate. And while usually an attractive person, they are quite fickle. Their outwards appearance is of refinement and wisdom. They relate to those of the Ox and Rooster signs best.

Year of the Horse
People of this sign tend to be impulsive and quick tempered. They are considered to be very adept at social engagements. They are intelligent and very skilled. They like to be the life of the party.They do not take others advice very well. They can be considered competitive and very stubborn in their views. The compatible signs for these people are the Tiger, Ram, and Dog.

Year of the Ram
A person born in this year is typically highly artistic. They have a deep passion of life. They are a gentle and compassionate people. And yet have self doubts and unanswered questions about their lives. This person is usually intellegent and can be deeply religious. They appear to be withdrawn and timid in personality. They are best associated with those of the Rabbit, Horse and Pig signs.

Year of the Monkey
Monkey people tend to be very popular. They are the genuises of the animal signs. They are clear-minded, yet can be impulsive. They are somewhat impatient. They tend to be witty and good humored. They are very intelligent
and have an excellent retention rate. They are very versatile. And overcome problems with ease. They can at times be very strong willed. They tend to relate to the Rat and Dragon signs.

Year of the Rooster
Rooster people are considered eccentric and have wide mood swings. They can be a difficult people to relate to. They have a very high opinion of themselves. They are perfectionists and very capable. They can be self indulged and boisterious. They tend to be loners. They have a high level of bravery. The signs of compatiblity for the Rooster are the Ox, Dragon and Snake.

Year of the Dog
People of this sign are very honest, sympathetic and have a deep sense f loyalty. They can be quite stark in their opinions. They are known to be emotionally distant and yet make good leaders. They are known to be selfish and yet conservative. They tend to be eccentric at times. And can be quite stubborn in their views. They have a deep confidence in themselves and they inspire this sense of confidence in others. Their compatible signs are the Tiger, Rabbit  and Horse.

Year of the Pig
People of this year are very loyal and extremely honest. They tend to be caring and home oriented. They thrust through life with an unbridled passion. They are considered gallant and chivalrous. They are generally well educated and have a deep thirst for knowledge. They are very industrious. They are quite devoted to their loved ones and close friends. They are compatible with the Rabbit and Ram signs.

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