A listing of the Vodoun Pantheon

Note:This listing is by no means complete. Rather it is intended to give you a general view of the Vodoun pantheon

Agassou - The guardian of traditions and parental disciplines.

Agau - Loa of the Winds

Agwe (Ogg-way): spirit of the sea

Aida Wedo: rainbow spirit 

Ayida-Weddo -  Loa of fertility, rainbows  and snakes. Wife of Dambala

Ayezan - (Aizan, Ayizan) This is the Legba's wife. She protects the markets, public places, doors, and barriers, and has a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the spirit world. When feeding her and/or her husband, a black or white goat or russet colored ox is offered up. Her favorite tree is the palm tree. 

Ayida: The female counterpart of Dambalah. She is the mother Goddess. She is represented by the rainbow.

Azacca (Zaka) - The loa of agriculture.

Bade - Loa of the Winds

Baka: an evil spirit who takes the form of an animal

Baron Samedi: guardian of the grave. Loa of the Dead

Bosou Koblamin - A violent petro loa of Strength and Protection

Brise: He is a loa of the hills. Brise is thought to take on the form of an owl. Speckled hens are slaughtered in his honor.

Congo Savanne: A violent and cannabalistic petro loa.

Dambala (Da, Damballah-wedo): serpent spirit, Damballah is the eldest God and chief of the Loas

Erinle: spirit of the forests

Ezili (or Erzulie): female spirit of love

Ghede - He is the most benevolent of the Loa of the Dead, powerful in healing. He is a protector of children as well as being a great jester. He is the loa of death and resurrection.

Gran Boa - He is the protector of wildlife. He is the loa that must be called upon before one is ordained into the voudou priesthood.  

Grande Brigitte - the female Guardian of Graves. Her sacred trees are the elm and the weeping willow

Heviosso: Thunder God

Kalfu - A Petro Loa of the "crossroads," the Gate between the Worlds. Kalfu controls the evil forces of the spirit world.

Krabinay: Krabinay loa are petro loa. Possessions induced by them are so violent that spectators are advised to keep their distance.

Legba (Papa Le Bas) - the Lwa of doorways and crossroads. The messenger of the gods

Linglessu: One of the loa free masons.

Linto: The child spirit

Loco: (Loko) The spirit of vegetation and guardian of sanctuaries. Loco is also a messenger loa and communication loa.

Marassa - The divine twins. The Marassa are a separate class of being that is quite apart from the loa. They are said to be the first children of God.

Marinette-Bwa-Chech: (Marinette of the dry arms)  - The principal female Loa of the Petro rite, sometimes said to be the wife of Ti-Jean Petro. Considered to be very evil.

Mawu Lisa: spirit of creation

Obatala: He is a sky loa. He is responsible for childbirth as well as for birth defects.

Ogou Balanjo: spirit of healing

Ogun (or Ogu Bodagris): He started out as the God of Blacksmithing but in time he transformed into the Spirit of War. His favorite tree is the mango tree.

Osun: spirit of healing streams

Sango (or Shango): spirit of storms

Simbi: (Simba, Simbe, Simbi Andezo) He is the guardian Loa of the fountains and marshes.He is the Petro Loa of the coast.

Siren and Whale: These two loa are marine divinities, so closely linked that they are always worshipped together.

Sobo (Sobo Kessou): Loa of strength and reknown warrior spirit.

Sogbo - Loa of Lightning and protector of Flags.

Ti-Jean-Petro: This is a black magic or "petro" loa that is depicted as a dwarf with one foot.

Yemanja: female spirit of waters

Zaka (or Oko): spirit of agriculture

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