The Vanir - Fertility Gods

Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir. It is located in Asgard, on the highest level of the universe.

Njörd - He is the Norse god of winds, sea and fire. He is married to the giantess Skadi. His children are Freya and Freyr, whom he fathered by his own sister. His home is Noatun.

Freyr - He is the god of sun and rain, and the patron of bountiful harvests. He is known as both a God of peace and a brave warrior. He is also the ruler of the land of the light elves, "Alfheim". He is married to the beautiful giantess Gerd, and is the son of Njord. His sister is the Goddess Freya. He is married to the attractive giantess Gerd, and is the son of Njord.

He rides a chariot pulled by two boars called "Gullinbursti and Slidrugtanni. He could ride Gullinbursti [golden-bristled] through the sky. "Gullinbursti"  was made for him by the two dwarves, "Brokk" and "Eitri". He is the owner of the ship "Skidbladnir" ("wooden-bladed"), which always sails directly towards its target, and which can become so small that it can fit in Freyr's pocket.
He also possesses a sword that would on its own, rise from its sheath and spread a field with carnage whenever the owner desired it.
Freyr's shield bearer and servant is Skirnir, to whom he gave his sword, which Skirnir requested as a reward for making Gerd his wife. On the day of Ragnarok, Freyr will battle without a weapon (having given his sword away to Skirnir), and will be the first to be killed by the fire giant Surt.

Freyja - Freya is a goddess of love and fertility, war, and wealth. She is the most beautiful of the nordic goddesses. She is also the patron Goddess of crops and birth. She is the daughter of Njord, and the sister of Frey. Her daughter, by Od, is named Hnoss. Some believe that "Od" is a hyphenated form of Odin. Her chariot was drawn by cats and she owned the precious "Brisings" necklace, which she acquired by sleeping with four dwarves. She also owned a feather coat which she could use to fly between the worlds. Some believe that the day of the week, "Friday" was named after her.

Nanna - She is the wife of Balder and mother of Forseti. Nanna is a Moon goddess. She died of grief when her husband Balder died.

Skade - A giantess, who was the estranged wife of Niord. Goddess of winter and the chase. The hunting companion of Ull.

Svipdag or Hermod - He is the son of Odin and Frigg and the messenger of the gods. Hermod carries a magical staff called "Gambantein". He was the God who rode to Hel's realm after the death of Balder to try and convince her to let Balder come back from the dead.

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