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This section is not intended to teach you how to become a Shaman.
The intention here is to share some of the perspectives, experiences, and tools and so forth, that I have encountered in my own journeys
Becoming a Shaman is not a path that everyone can follow.
It is a very personal path on which one must make very direct and personal decisions about one's way of life.
A shaman is often referred to as a " wounded healer ."
The reason for this description is because as a shaman, one must first seek out and retrieve the lost parts of their own spirit first, before we can attempt to heal others.
It is thought that most illness comes from parts of the spirit breaking off and hiding in a place seperate from our soul.
This can occur in many ways, such as a truamatic experience, unhappiness, depression and so forth.
Thus the shaman attempts a "soul retrieval." Sometimes the piece of missing spirit can be coaxed back to the soul and some times not.
But before I go any further, one must decide if this is a path that you want to follow. To help determine this, you should take a clear and unbiased look at your reasons
There are many different types or paths of shaman training. This may or may not be your particular path, that choice is up to the individual practitioner. But over all, shamans share a common goal, and that goal is to be a spiritual healer or "walker between the worlds".

These are some of the Rituals that I personally use:

Shamanic Energy Clearing                                                                                              Ritual of Self Blessing

Bonding Ritual                                                                                          Medicine Circle - An Image of Shamanic Totems

Problem Clearing - Start of the Journey                                                     The Falcon - Shamanic pathworking

Father Oak meditation

The tools of a shaman can be as simple as a blanket or cloth to sit upon, as a means of marking ones personal space while traveling through the spheres and a staff for protection. Or it can encompass many different tools, totems, crystals ect. The choice is up to the individual. Everything in Nature has a particular vibration and energy. These will affect and appeal to us in different ways. Following is a list of some of the crystals which I use on my personal shamanic path........

Some Crystals and their Shamanic uses

In addition to the gifts of crystals, we also have the honor and pleasure of using various herbs as we walk the path. Here is a list of but a few that are used on the shaman path:

Herb List

Use of Shamanic herbs

A word on Totems

As pagans we believe that everything on Mother Earth has a spirit.
This is call Animism.
And in keeping with these beliefs, it stands to reason that anything that brings us closer to or puts us in touch with the fifth element, known as Akasha, can be considered a totem.
This can be a feather, a stone, a piece of shell, an acorn, or whatever.
The point is, if it reaches out to you in a spiritual way then that is one of your totems.
One way to locate your totem is to take a walk through the woods and fields until you feel an area of energy. then walk four or five yards towards each of the cardinal directions, each time coming back to your starting point before going into a new direction. And then see if a totem reaches out and attracts your attention. Once you have made this connection, you must treat your totem with reverence and respect. Open your self up to the messages and lessons that it has for you. Use its spiritual power and guidance in your meditations and spiritual travels. Totems can also be called spiritual guides. There is a section on animal spirit guides that can be accessed either from here or the BOS.
Learn and be as one with your totem and/or spirit guide.

A Shaman Perspective: Article writtn by Crick

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