Some Crystals and their Shamanic uses

These are some of the crystals that I use in my personal practice. This list is by no means inclusive as there are many other crystals that can be used.

Apache Gold ( steatite and pyrite combined )
Provides grounding during meditation. Aids in aligning the subtle bodies.

Iotite ( Corderite )
Is used to influence the Spirits. Also worn to ensure accuracy within ones visions.

Mochi Balls
Used to access knowledge of the ancient ways and the future. also used to align energy centers. And to channel energies to heal Mother Earth.

Obsidian ( Blue hues )
Aids in the removal of disorders  from the body. Stimulates the throat chakra. Aids in astral travel. Assists in clearing ones mind. And is used for gazing.

This crystal enhances alliances with spiritual guides and totems. Also provides a safe environment for spiritual contact. It enhances communication by stimulating the throat chakra. And is used for attunement between the physical and spiritual world.

Used to remove negative spirits. Also for protection. Carrying this crystal while smudging produces very powerful positive energy.

Blue Sapphire
Assists in purifying trapped energy. Used in energy transfers to heal Mother Earth. Also resolves feelings of disparity. And helps align the chakras. Used as a connector with Mother Earth.

This crystal assists in melding the energies of Father Spirit and Mother Earth. Also aligns the chakras, elevates the level of energies, and attunes the spirit. Use as well for protection and grounding. It faciliates meditation and heals the spirit. It is also a bestower of goodness.

" We are very fortunate to have so many gifts at our disposal "

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