Shamanic Energy Clearing

"This exercise is for clearing away unwanted energies so that nurturing energies can thrive and develop"

Find a quiet place of power and make yourself comfortable with your back well supported.
Breathe slowly and gently.
Ground and center.
Visualize a white and gold light around you.
Feel yourself strong and protected within this circle of light.
Now visualize a beam of white light flowing from the sky into the top of your head, down your back and into the Earth.
This connects you with healing energies with Mother Earth.
Now visualize a beam of white light flowing up from the Earth, through your body and out of the top of your head into the sky.
This connects you to the healing energies of the Spiritual plane.
By way of channeling these energies of Nature and Spirit, you have become a living tree.
While you are channeling these energies back and forth, feel the strength of your shaman connections and honor their support.
In your third eye, see yourself encircled by healing white light.
You are now connected to Earth, Sky, Nature and Spirit.
During this Earth walk, call forth in your third eye, other connectors you may have. These may be silver chains, golden cords ect.
Let these develop slowly in your third eye.
Observe these connections with compassion, yet detached.
They can be created with involvment with family, friends or work.
In your third eye, visualize energy moving through each connection.
While observing the energy in each connection, make the following observations:
Does energy pass to and fro between you and the connections?
Can you send energy to a connection that is only sending energy to you?
Can you receive energy from a connection that seems to be receivivg energy from you?
Observe the energy of each connection and make an unbiased decision about the energy of each connection.
A connection that takes energy from you but doesn't return it, should be considered in the context of personal growth, progress, and self development.
A connection that gives energy but doesn't receive it should also be considered in the context of personal growth, progress and self developmet.
Ask your innermost self (Spirit) about the wisdom of each of these connections, even the ones that flow to and fro from your connection to Self, Spirit and Nature.
Consider carefully the connections that are important to your shamanic path.
Feel the strength in making these choices.
Now center yourself to the core of your being.
Slowly stop the energies to the connections that you have chosen not to retain. Do this with caution. As you eliminate these unwanted connections, cast a protective halo of light around the area where they were connected. Be aware of the altered state of energy as you do this.
Invoke the healing energies of Mother Earth to absorb the energies of the unwanted connections as they are eliminated.
Invoke the healing energies of Spirit to help you release these unwanted connections.
Breathe deeply and let your third eye go blank, your subconscious will continue the work..
Take a moment to reflect on the shamanic connections to Mother Earth and Spirit, feel the clarity in yourself.
Feel the flow of healing energies coming from your shamanic connections.
Give honor to the healing lights and then let them fade away.
Slowly return to the present time and place.
Take time to absorb and adjust to the change of energy within yourself.

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