Shamanic Bonding Ritual

Go to a quiet place and situate yourself and then visualize a protective, golden light around your totem, your sacred place and yourself.
Concentrate completely on your totem.
Begin with the South and offer your Totem to the spirits and elements of the four cardinal points.
Going South, West, North, East and then back to South.
Offer your totem to Spirit above and Earth Mother below. As above so below.

Sit quietly and contemplate while holding your Totem in your hand.
Slowly take four deep breaths, (Breath of Spirit) and release each breath gently over the Totem.
Breathe normally as you transfer the Totem to your left hand and start to rock with it gently.
Make no sound as you rock, while you seek and then feel the vibration and rhythm of the Totem.
Become one with it and rock to it's pace.
Stop rocking, and without moving recreate the vibration of the Totem within yourself.
Feel this vibration in your mind, heart, and memories. Rest for a moment.

Return the Totem to your right hand. Slowly take four deep breaths, again releasing each breath over the Totem.
Breathe natural as you return the Totem to your left hand again.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting with your Totem in a dark theatre.

On the screen flashes the color Red, followed by the colors Orange, then Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and last of all White. The screen then goes blank.
While focusing on the screen, request that your Totem project pictures onto the screen.
Breathe natural and let the pictures flow across the screen in a natural way.
You will retain what you need of the pictures, so relax.
Stop the flow of pictures and turn the screen dark again.
Open your eyes and recreate as well as you can, the pictures that were flowing in your minds eye. Don't strain, let your memories flow naturally. Rest a few moments.

Return the Totem to your right hand and repeat the four breaths of Spirit, each time releasing your breath unto the totem.
Again pass the Totem into your left hand and with your eyes open, concentrate on one aspect of the Totem.
While in deep concentration, ask your Totem to make a sound to be heard by you only.
Listen carefully and when you hear the sound, try to match it with your inner voice. Listen carefully and try to make the sound out loud. Then return to a state of total silence.
Rest for a few moments.

Next take the Totem back in your right hand and do the four breaths of Spirit as before, making sure to blow each breath back onto the Totem.
And then return it to the left hand ( the dominate hand is the projecting hand and the other hand is the receptive hand, so if one is left handed, simply reverse the order of the hands ) and breathe natural.

With your eyes closed, request that your Totem send you an aroma or fragrance. Once received, open your eyes and recreate the smell of the aroma.
Next while following the same steps as for fragrance, request from your Totem a taste. Open your eyes and recreate the taste given by the Totem.

Then place the Totem over your heart. Request an emotion from the Totem. Completely feel this emotion, immerse yourself in it. And then send an emotion of your own back into the Totem.

Breathe deeply, and completely experience the feeling of giving and takong of emotion between you and the Totem.
Return the Totem to your right hand and rest.

Repeat the four breaths as before and place the Totem against the spine. While breathing deeply, close your eyes and in your third-eye, visualize the colors of the chakras; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

Then while still holding the Totem to the spine, switch to the left hand. Continue to breathe deeply and visualize the colors in revers order; Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow,Orange, and Red.

Next take the Totem and hold it in front of you in both hands, at arms length, at about heart level. Perform the final four breaths on the Totem and raise it up to your third-eye area. Experience the moment and then carefully lay the Totem down on the ground.
Breathe in deeply and express your thanks and gratitude to the Totem.
Give praise to the Four Elements; South, West, North and East.

Rest and then meditate.

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