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I was very fortunate in that my Grandmother, a Celtic/Faery witch, taught me the use and values of herbs. Having said that, I in no way, advocate the use of herbs. This is an individual decision. If you are not sure of what you are doing, then don't do it! The information supplied here is for reference only.

Some Herbs and their medicinal uses:

American Ash - A tea made from the inner bark makes a strong laxative.

Balsam Fir - Take the sap and make an infusion. An excellent gargle for sore throat.

Black-eyed Susan - A tea made from the roots is used for worms and colds. Externally it is used for sores.

Burdock - Use 2 oz. of dried root to 1 qt. of water. Used for diuretic, liver and kidney ailments, as wellas a blood purifier. The root is high in inulin and good for diabetics. Roots are also used as a digestive stimulant.

Cattail - The young flower heads are eaten for diarrhea. The fuzz from mature female flower heads are applied to burns and scalds.

Chamomile - A tea made from this herb is great for relaxation.

Chokeberry Bark - Make a decoction from the bark. Rinse hair to strengthen and encourage growth.

Clover - A tea made from the whole plant is used for heart problems Also as an antibacterial serum.

Dandelion - A tea made of the fresh roots is used for liver, kidney, and bladder ailments. Leaves and flowers are rich in vitamins A & C.

Garlic - Make a tea out of the peeled cloves, use for headaches, fevers, high blood pressure, diarreah, gout, cold, earaches, and stomachaches.

Golden Rod - Leaves and flowers, use as a poultice for wounds and persistent sores.

Ground Ivy - Brew a tea of the young leaves, for a blood cleanser, tonic, and diruretic

Honeysuckle - A tea made of the leaves and flowers is used internally for colds, fevers, flu, and laryngitis. Externally for infected boils, sores, and tumors.

Lambs Quarters - The leaves are eaten to treat stomachache and prevent scurvy. A leaf poultice is used for burns.

Milkweed - Rub the milky juice on a wart twice daily to remove it.

Mint - Add 2 tsp. of fresh leaves to a cup of boiled water, steep for 15 minutes to relieve headache.

Purslane - A tea made of the leaves is used for stomachaches and headaches. A poultice of the leaves is for burns. Very high in vitamin C.

Sage - To prevent hair loss, wash hair with a strong tea of sage, and rinse with diluted saltwater.

Sassafras - Made into a tea it helps relieve fever, also a mild laxative.

Slippery Elm - For sore throats, stomachache, coughs, and diarrhea, add 3 tbsp. to a cup of hot water. Use the tea externally for burns, scalds, and fresh wounds.

St. Johns Wort - A tea from this herb is good for depression and nervous exhaustion.

Valerian - A tea made of the root is an excellent nerve tonic and sedative.

Wild Strawberry - Dry the leaves out thoroughly. Then infuse the leaves to make a tea that is rich in potassium and iron. Use as a nerve tonic.

White Willow - The inner bark is a strong analgesic when made into a tea. Contains salicylic acid. Used for headaches and migraines

Wild Mustard - Crush the ripe seeds for use as a poultice on burns.The seeds are also considered to be cancer inhibiting. High in vitamins A & C.
These are just some of the herbs made available to us by Mother Nature. Her bounty is great, and our thanks, should be just as great.

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