Rune Positions - Stadha

Fehu - Both of the arms are slanted upward, with the left arm slightly higher. The fingers are pointed straight out for projecting power. The palms face down and out. Facing towards the sun.

Auroch - Bend at the waist with the back horizontical and level with the ground. The arms and fingertips point down toward the ground. The head is pointed toward the East.

Thurisaz - Stand up straight, with the left arm bent at the elbow, and the left hand on the hip, with the palm grasping at the hip bone. Face East.

Ansuz - Standing upright, stretch out both of your arms, parallel to the ground, and pointing slightly down. the Left arm is slightly lower than the right arm. Face North.

Raidho - Standing straight, bend the left arm at the elbow and place the palm on the hip bone. Slant the left leg out and slightly off the ground. The right arm is straight down and against the body. Face South.

Kenaz - Stand upright and raise the right arm at a 45 degree angle, at the same time lower the left arm at a 45 degree angle. The palm of the right hand is facing outward and the fingers of the left hand are pointed straight out from the arm.

Gebo - Stand upright with the legs spread apart at slightly more than shoulder width. The feet point straight out and the arms are raised and spread out so that the hands are directly over the feet, thus forming an "X".

Wunjo - Stand at attention with the feet at an 45 degree angle. Place the fingertips of the left hand against the crown of the head.

Hagalaz - Stand upright with the arms straight out to the sides in a cross position. The palms are pointed outwards.

Naudhiz - Stand upright, raise the right arm to the side at a 45 degree angle. Lower the left arm to the side at a 45 degree angle.

Isa - Stand at attention with the arms raised straight overhead and the palms touching each other.

Jera - Stand erect and raise the right arm straight out, bend the right arm at the elbow so that the right hand touches the crown of the head. Bend the left arm down at the same angle as the right arm, with the left hand fingertips touching the left hip bone.

Eihwaz - Stand upright and stretch both of the arms down at a 50 degree angle. At the same time, bend the left leg back at about the same angle.

Perthro - Sit on the ground and while keeping the back straight, raise the knees up with the feet flat on the ground. Rest the elbows on the knees, with the forearms slanted forewards. Face the West.

Elhaz - Stand upright with the arms stretched out upwards and to the sides to form a Y.

Sowilo- Squat down so that your thighs and calves are pressed together. Rest the buttocks on the heels. Keep the back straight and the forearms along side the thighs.

Tiwaz - While standing straight, raise the arms to the sides and bend them at the elbows at a 45 degree angle. forming a V to either side.

Berkano - Stand upright and bend the left arm at the elbow with the palm resting on the hip.With the heels touching bend the left leg at the knee, the left foot isat an 90 degree angle to the right foot.

Ehwaz - While standing upright slant the left arm up and to the side at a 45 degree angle, slant the right arm to the side and down at a 45 degree angle.

Mannaz - Stand upright and lift the elbows straight up while crossing the forearms in front of the face, right over left. Can also be crossed behind the head.

Laguz - While standing up straight, stretch both arms, straight out together and point them slightly downwards. The palms are pointed down.

Ingaz - Stand erect with the arms stretched overhead, bent at the elbows, and fingertips touching over top of the head.

Dagaz - Stand up straight and cross the arms over the chest with the fingertips touching the shoulders.

Othala - Stand and spread the legs wide to the side. Raise the arms over the head and bend them at the elbow so that the fingertips are touching over the top of the head.

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