Problem Clearing -

Start of the Journey
As a follower of the
Shaman path, I believe in traveling (immrama) the three realms of existence.

These are the Underworld (Annwn " anoon ") A place of rebirth and new beginnings, which is ruled over by Arawn (ar-awn).

The Middleworld (abred) the realm, that we as humans inhabit. Travel here is done by connecting with the vibration or energy of this plane.

And the Upperworld (Gwynvyd) A place of the Gods and Goddesses, spiritual beings, other-worldly beings, ect.  where Gwythyr (gwee-theer) presides as king.

There are some who travel to these realms by using a lake for entrance to the Underworld and the Sidhe ( shee ) for the Upperworld. Others visualize the Sacred Mountain. I personally use the Tree of Life for immrama. Moving counter-clockwise for the Underworld and Clockwise for the Upperworld.

During the course of our lives, we accumulate many problems and distractions. Some of these are with us temporarily, while other stay with us for the long term. But regardless of the duration of these distractions, they must be cleared out prior to immrama. This is how I personally prepare to enter the Tree of Life.

Assume the "Dead Man position " (Lay flat on your back with your arms along your side and hands palm down and slightly cupped) Breathing through your nose and out your mouth.

Beginning with the feet, will them to relax, feel the tension draining out of them. This may at first, cause a bit of slight shaking in your feet. As you descend into relaxation, this will pass.
As your feet relax, start moving up your body, the legs, the torso, the arms, and finally the head.
As you move to each part of the body, will it to relax, feel the tension escaping as you descend. Take the time to relax each part before moving on.


Visualize yourself in a field covered with wildflowers.
There are many bright colors and the aroma is sweet and pleasing.
You can hear the buzzing of insects around you.
And the many faceted songs of birds as they fly over head.
Through the middle of this beautiful field of flowers is a deer trail.
You decide to follow this trail.
The deer trail leads you through the field to the edge of a deep forest.
As you enter the forest, the sounds of the field become muted, as if Mother Nature was holding Her breath.
As you walk into this great strand of trees, you see in the distance, a small pond.
As you approach this pond, you can feel a warm breeze touching you as it meanders on by.
A butterfly wings its way in soft circles out in front of you.
A squirrel is dancing in the branches above.
You breathe in deeply the soothing smells of the forest.
Crossing the middle of the pond is a small bridge, where a chorus of frogs are bidding you welcome.
As you walk onto the bridge, you notice a bundle in the middle of the span.
Within the bundle are some flat, round stones and a  stylus.
You take the stylus and on the stones you write a word for each of the problems that are troubling you.
And then, one by one you toss these stones into the clear, flat blue surface of the pond.
You watch as each stone hits the water and sinks out of sight beneath the surface.
As the concentric ripples of water expand outwards and disappear, then so do your problems.

You are now ready to continue the immrama.

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