Poppet Magick - A Perspective

If poppet magick was to be defined, it would be considered "sympathetic" magick. Like is, what like does. And while poppet magick, for the most part, is for healing. It has however, over the centuries , been used in many different ways.

Making a poppet is quite simple. It is usually made in the rough image of a human, though animals poppets are known as well. It can be made out of just about any material; cloth, wax, clay, various metals (lead, copper ect.) wood and so on. It is the intent and the energy that it is empowered with that counts. The poppet is often filled with certains herbs depending on the desired result.

Those of the VooDoun faith fill poppets or voodoo dolls or gris-gris as they are also known, with personal items such as hair, nail clippings, articles of clothing ect. They then use these gris-gris for binding and for acts of revenge.

It has been suggested that poppets were first used by Paleolithic hunters from about 50,000 B.C.E. An image of the animal being hunted was created, and a ritual resulting in a successful hunt was performed on the poppet. Indigenous people around the world have used this method of magick and in some parts of the world, they still do to this day.

In ancient Greece (4th. century B.C.E.), poppets were referred to as "Kolossos". Their primary purpose was for binding. This could be applied to one's enemies, deity, ghosts and spirits, and so on. They were also used for healing and self defense of the individual or community and protection of boundaries. The act of binding was similar to the voodoo method. In that various personal articles were embedded into the kolossos (poppet). The kolossos was then set upon by tying the figure up, mutilating various parts, and/or piercing it with thorns or nails. This was usually accompanied by various incantations and/or ritual in order to further enhance the binding.

One example of these incantations is:

" O Hermes Katokhos, restrain ( name of person ) !

   I commit __________ to the Gods,

   to Ge, Hectate and Persephone!

   I bind _________, born of _________,

   in your presence, Hermes Katokhos.

   May he/she be restrained

   in hand and foot and body! "

The kolossos is then concealed by burying it or sealing it in a jar or clay pot. or cast into the deep sea. Among the Greeks and Hellenes the most common material for making poppets were clay, wax and lead.

The Babylonians often used poppets for defensive or protective magick. They were often made of clay or wax. These poppets were place around the entrances to their homes. and still others were buried, depending on the need.

The ancient Egyptians also used poppets for protection from their enemies. Spells of destruction were written on the poppet and then smashed and buried.

The point being made is that poppets have been in use for centuries and in different ways by many diverse cultures.

In the United states, mountain folk, particularly the women, have used poppets for ages in order to attract and bind a lover. After casting a binding spell, they would bind the poppet with string or a ribbon and then conceal it where it could not be found. If found the spell is broken.

Witches often use poppets for healing and love magick. Though one should not use these for binding magick.

When doing a healing spell using a poppet, first stuff it with Calendula ( a good healing herb ) and then do a naming ritual, using the name of the person that the healing is for. Here is an example:

" Image of health, your purpose is healing.

  I bestow upon you the name of _________ .

  Their body is your body.

  Their thoughts are your thoughts.

  Their emotions are your emotions.

  Their state of health is your state of health.

  I proclaim you both as one entity! "

Here is an example of a healing spell:

Material needed:

1 Yellow candle
herbs of calendula, Lavender, and Rosemary
Clear quartz crystal
Photo of the patient
Any personal articles

To be performed on a Sunday;

Stuff the poppet with the herbs and place the crystal at the heart of the poppet.
Seal the poppet and do the naming ritual.
Light the candle and visualize the patient as being healthy and energetic.

Chant three times:

" Lavender, marigold, and rosemary
The body, soul and mind are free
Crystal of quartz, take the pain away
Whole and healed and free today
With harm to none
My will is done

  So Mote It Be! "

Bury the poppet in the ground prior to sunset on the same day.

The same procedure should be followed when using the poppet for love magick. ( Attracting love, not binding ones emotions. Remember the Threefold law. ). Use herbs associated with love magick to stuff the poppet. Some of these would be Lavender, Rose, Patchouli and Basil. Some of the crystals that you could use are Lapis Lazuli, Alexandrite, Malachite, and Jade. Do the naming ritual, using aspects of love in place of healing. And then do a love chant, repeating it three times. Afterwards bury the poppet.

Color plays an important part when doing magick. And the color of the cloth used in poppet magick is no different. The colors can be used alone or in combination with other colors. Following are a few colors and their associated meanings to help you get started:

White - This is a universal color and can be used for just about any type of spell. It is often used for spells pertaining to spirituality.

Green - To be used for spells of prosperity, healing and fertility.

Red - Poppets made of this color are used for blood related diseases, sexual passion and courage spells.

Blue - This color is for emotional and mental healing, harmony and all round good health.

Black - Used to reverse curses or spells cast against you and to stop harmful gossiping.

Yellow - Used as an aid in mental healing.

Pink - A poppet made of this color cloth is for fertility, love and compassion towards others and yourself.

Brown - Financial success and to attract gain .

Orange - This color is used for success and to attract positive energy.

Purple - The color of this poppet is used to enhance psychic ability.