Pagan Chants

"From out of the forest, on the wings of the wind, came the sounds of words."

"River Chant"

The river flowing

Flowing and growing

The river is flowing

Back to the sea

Mother Earth carry

Your child I will always be

Mother Earth carry me back to the sea

Walk With Wisdom

(author unknown)

Walk with wisdom, from the hallowed place

Walk not in sorrow, our roots shall ere embrace

May truth be your brother,

And honor be your friend,

And luck be your lover, until we meet again.

Air Moves Us

(author unknown)

Air moves us, Fire transforms us

Water shapes us, Earth heals us

And the balance of the wheel goes round and round

And the balance of the wheel goes round

Besom Chant

(Lady Tamara)

Besom, besom long and lithe

Made from ash and willow withe

Tied with thongs of willow bark

In running stream at moon-set dark.

With a pentagram indighted

As the ritual fire is lighted;

Sweep ye circle, deosil,

Sweep out evil, sweep out ill,

Make the round of the ground

Where we do the Lady's will.

Besom, besom, Lady's broom

Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom

Rid ye Lady's hallowed ground

Of demons, imps and Hell's red hound;

Then set ye down on Her green earth

By running stream or Mistress' hearth,

'Till called once more on Sabbath night

To cleans once more the dancing site.

Earth My Body

(author unknown)

Earth my body, water my blood,

Air my breath and fire my spirit.

We Are One

(author unknown)

We are one with our Mother.

We are one with the Earth,

We are one with each other

By our lives, by our birth,

We are one,

We are one,

We are one.

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