Pagan Calendar

Following is a monthly listing of pagan celebrations from various pagan cultures, past and present.

January to April

1st to 31st - month of celebration of Janus and Janu (Roman festival)

2nd. - Birthday of Inanna (Sumerian)

3rd. - Pueblo Deer dances (Native American)

5th - End of Yule celebrations honoring Freyr, Freya, and Baldor (Teutonic festival)
Feast of Goddess Bafana (Roman)
Kore's day (Greek)

6th. - Day of Preserpina (Roman)
Festival of Sirona (Celtic)
Epiphany of Kore (Greek)

7th. - Sekhmet's Day (Egyptian)

8th. - Druidic New Year
Day of Justicia (Roman)

9th. - Festival of Janus (Roman)

11th. Festival of Carmentalia (Roman)
Sacred day of Juturna (Roman)

13th. - Midvintersblot (Norse)
Feast of Brewing (Irish)

13th to 14th. - Feast of Goddess Hecate (Greek)

14th. to 15th. - Gamelion Noumenia, Festival honoring all of the Gods and Goddess's (Greek)

16th. to 17th. - Feast of the Charities, festival to honor the Greek Goddesses of Beneficence

17th. - Sacred day of Felicitas (Roman)

17th. to 18th. - Feast of Aphrodite (Greek)

  19th. - Festival of Thor (Norse)

20th. - Celtic Tree month of Beth ends
Festival of Thorrablottar (Icelandic)

21st. - Celtic Tree month of Rowan begins

24th. to Feb. 1st. - Sementivae, festival of Sowing in honor of Earth Goddess Terra, Grain Goddess Ceres, and Seed Goddess Proserpina (Roman)

24th. to 30th. - Feast of Amen-Amenet (Egyptian)

26th. - Festival of Ekeko (Bolivian)

27th. - Sementivae Feria (Roman)

28th. - 3rd. - Great Sabbat of Up kelly ah (Celtic)

31st. - Hecates Feast (Greek)

31st. to Feb.2nd. - Imbolc/Brigids day (Celtic)


1st. - Feast of the Goddess Brigit (Celtic)

1st. to 14th. - Festival of God, Dionysos, (Trifon Zarezan) (Greek)

1st. to 28th. - Month of dedication to Februa and Februus (Roman)

2nd. - Festival of Juno Februa (Roman)

2nd. to 5th. - Feast of Goddess, Isis (Egyptian)

3rd. - Powamu Festival (Hopi)

5th. - Feast of the Air Spirits (Celtic)

6th. - Festival of Aphrodite (Greek)
Feast of IA (Celtic)

7th. - Day of Selene (Greek)

9th. - Feast of Apollo (Greek)

10th. - Festival of Teutates (Celtic)

11th. to 14th. - Lunar New Year (Old European)

12th. - Festival of Diana (Roman)

13th. to 14th. - Anthesterion Nourmenia, Festival honoring all of the Gods and Goddess's (Greek)

13th. to 15th. - Lupercalia, Dedication to the God and Goddess, Faunus and Fauna (Roman)

14th. - Disting (Teutonic)

15th. - Lupercalia (Roman)
Sigfrid's Day (Odinist)

16th. to 17th. - Festival of Aphrodite and Eros (Greek)

17th. - Celtic Tree Month of Rowan ends

18th. Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins

19th. - Birthday of Minerva (Roman)

18th. to 19th. - Feast of Goddess, Artemis (Greek)

20th. - Day of Tacita (Roman)

22nd. - Caristia, Festival of family renewal and settling of quarrels (Roman)

23rd. - Terminalia (Roman)

23rd. to 26th. - Anthesteria; Festival honoring Dionysos as Plouton, God of the Dead (Greek)

25th. - Day of Mut - (Egyptian)

26th. - Day of Mihr (Armenian)

1st. - Matronalia (Roman)


4th. - Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh)
Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries (Greek)

5th. - Celebration of Isis (Egyptian)

6th. - Mars Day (Roman)

7th. - Junonalia (Roman)

9th. - Celebration of Aphrodite and Adonis

10th. - Hypatia's day (Greek)

11th. - Hercules day (Greek)

12th. Feast of Marduk (Mesopotamian)

14th. - Veturius Mamurius (Roman)
Elaphebolion Noumenia (Greek)

15th. - Ides of March (Roman)
Rhea's day (Greek)
Festival of Attis and Cybele (Roman)

16th. - Dionysus Festival (Greek)
Festival of Bacchus

16th. to 17th. - Feast  of Athena (Greek)

17th. - Celtic Tree month of Ash ends

17th. to 18th. - Feast of Aphrodite and Hermes (Greek)

18th. - Celtic Tree month of Alder begins
Sheela's day (Icelandic)
Festival of the Sheela-N-Gig (Celtic)

19th. - Day of Aganyu (Santeria)
Eyvind Kinnrifi (Odinist)

19th. to 20th. - Feast of Artemis (Greek)

19th. to 23rd. - Quinquatras of Minerva (Roman)

20th. - Ostara/Spring Equinox (Celtic)

21st. - Festival of Tea and Tephr (Celtic)

23rd. - Summer Finding (Norse)
Invocation of Mars and Saturn (Roman)
Festival of Esus the Hunter (Celtic)

25th. - Hilaria's day (Roman)

29th. - Festival of Ishtar (Babylonian)

30th. - Day of Bau (Babylonian)

31st. - Feast of Luna (Roman)


1st. - Iroquois Corn planting festival (Native American)
Veneralia (Roman)
Kali's day (Indian)

2nd. - Hoy Wells day (Nordic)

3rd. - Aegir's day (Teutonic)

4th. Megalesia begins (Roman)

6th. - Eiru's day (Irish)

9th. - Modron's day (Celtic)

10th. - Megalesia ends (Roman)
Day of Bau (Babylonian)
Feast of the Rivers and Seas (Sumerian)

11th. - Nehelenia's Day (Celtic)

11th. to 13th. - Navigium Isidis (Greek)

12th. - Festival of Cerealia (Roman)

12th. to 14th. Day of Hecate (Greek)

13th. - Festival of Libertas (Roman)

14th. - Celtic Tree month of Ash ends
Sommarsblot (Norse)
Cetacean day (Greek)
Day of Diasia (Greek)

15th. - Celtic Tree month of Willow begins
Feast of Tellus Mater (Roman)
Festival of Ba'ast (Egyptian)

15th. to 16th. - Feast of the Charites (Greek)

17th. - Festival of Astarte (Canaanite)

18th. - Thargelia (Greek)

19th. - Festival of Cerealia ends (Roman)
Nemetona's day (Celtic)

19th. to 24th. - Lesser Panathenaea (Greek)

20th. - Return of Dumuzi (Sumerian)

21st. - Feast of Pales (Roman)
Dea Roma (Roman)

22nd. - Festival of Jupiter and Juno (Roman)

23rd. - Venus of the Vinalia (Roman)
Festival of the Green Man (Celtic)

25th. Festival of Robigalia (Roman)

28th. - Floralia Begins (Roman)
Remembrance of Lludd (Celtic)

30th. - Floralia ends (Roman)

30th. to 5/2 - Feast of Blathmat and Lugh (Celtic)


May to August

September to Decemeber