The Nordic Giants and other Creatures

Angrboda (herald of sorrow)  - A giantess and the mate or mistress of the trickster Loki. Angrboda spawned three monsters: the gigantic wolf Fenrir, the Midgard Serpent Jormungand, and the goddess of death, Hel.

Audhumla - The primeval shaping force of the Cosmos, the sacred cow created from the moisture where the heat from Muspelheim collided with the frosty fog of Niflheim. Her milk nourished the giant Ymir, and his race. The great cow produced Buri by licking on the salty rocks of Ginnungagap.

Ari (Eagle) - Ari is an Eagle-Giant who frightens the dead outside Nifilhel.

Arvak (Early Walker - Along with Allsvinn, the Sun's two horses that drags the sun's chariot, which is chased by the wolves Hati and Skoll. Arvak has protection-runes in his ear. Under the shoulder-blades of the horses the gods put bellows to cool them.

Asvid (Asvido) - A ruler of the Giants.The Giant who carved runes of wisdom on the Yggdrasil.

Aurvandil (Seafarer) - The Giant Aurvandil, is the sybil "Groa's" husband. Aurvandil was the foster father of Thjalfi (Thorr's servant). Said to be an amiable giant.

Baugi (The Stooping) -  An Etin Giant, Suttung's brother and son of Gilling.

Bergelmir - Bergelmir was the son of Thrudgelmir and the grandson of Aurgelmir (Ymir). In the enormous amount of blood which flowed freely after Ymir's death, all the frost giants died, except Bergelmir and his wife. Just before the end they climbed into a hollow tree trunk and thus survived. When things settled down, they became the progenitors of a new, younger race of frost giants.

Eggther - Sentinel for the giants. he lives in the forest of Galgvid. He is also the the guardian of Volund's sword of revenge. At Ragnarok he sits upon a grave playing his harp.

Farbanti - A Giant from Jotunheim, who is the father of Loki, Byleist and Helblindi. . It is said that Farbauti struck Laufey with a lightning bolt, after which she bore Loki.  It was Farbanti's job to ferry the souls of the dead across the river of the dead, to the lower world.

Fenrir (or Fenris) is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is the eldest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. On the day of Ragnarok, Fenrir will break his chains and join the giants in their battle against the gods. He will seek out Odin and devour him. Vidar, Odin's son, will avenge his father by killing the wolf.

Fjalar (All-Knower) - The rooster that crows at the beginning of Ragnarok. His crowing wakes the Giants for the final struggle of Ragnarok.

Fornjotr - Primeval giant, father of the elements. The progenitor of the frost giants.

Freki (Ravenous) - One of the two wolves of Odin. The other one is Geri (Greedy). They get all the meat that is served to Odin in Valhalla because he himself prefers wine.

Garm - The monstrous hound that guards the entrance to Helheim, the Norse realm of the dead. It has four eyes and a chest drenched with blood, and lives in Gnipa-cave. In Ragnarok he and Tyr will kill each other.

Geirrod (The one who bloods the spear) - A frost giant and an ironsmith. He is the father of two daughters, Gjalp and Greip. All three were killed by Thorr.

Gerd - She is a beautiful giantess, the wife of Freyr and daughter of the giant Gymir. She is an earth goddess, the Goddess of the fertile soil.

Gonlod - She was the giant who guarded the cauldron of inspiration but gave it to Odin after she slept with her for nine nights.

Gullfaxi - The horse owned by the giant Hrungnir.

Grid - Grid was a giantess who knew that Loki was trying to trick Thor into being killed by Geirrod. She gave Thor her iron gloves and magical belt and staff to fight the frost giant. As a mistress of Odin she bore Vidar.

Gyllenkamme - A Rooster in the top of Yggdrasil. He has a gold crest. His task is to count to sixty, sixty times twelve and then wake up the Norns sleeping around the Urdawell.

Gymir - The Mountain Giant Gymir, is Aurboda's husband. Together they have the son Beli and the daughter Gerd, a beautiful Giantess who married the God, Freyr. His dwelling was called "Winter Winds".

Hati (hate). Whenever this wolf managed to catch the moon, a lunar eclipse would take place. Along with Skoll, he is a son of Fenrir.

Hedrun - The celestial goat that eats from the world tree and produces mead (dew) for all the dead warriors.

Helblindi (The one who binds to death) -  A Water-Giant. His parents are Farbauti and Laufey. His brothers are Loki and the Storm-Giant Byleist.

Hildisvini (Battle Boar) - Freya's boar whose golden bristles lit the dark. He was created for Freya by the dwarfs Dain and Nabbi.

Hlebard - The Giant who gave Odin the magic wand, "Gambantein". When Odin got the wand he made Hlebard lose his mind.

Hofvarpnir (Hoof-thrower) - The magic horse of the Goddess Gna, who was Frigga's messenger. It travels across sky and sea, and is the offspring of Hamskerpir and Gardrofa.

Hraesvelg - A gigantic eagle whose eyrie was the ice mountains in the extreme north of the universe. All the winds were its children sent out across creation by the flapping of its wings.

Hrauthung - A ruler of the Giants, and father of Agnar and Geirröth.

Hreidmar -The Giant Hreidmar is a farmer-magician. He has three sons; Fafnir, Otter, and Regin.

Hresvelgr - He is a Wind giant who lives in the extreme north and the motion of whose wings causes wind and tempest.

Hugi (Thought) - The young frost giant who defeated Thialfi (Thor's human servant) in a foot race, as no one was fleeter than thought.

Huginn (thought) and Muninn (memory) are the two raven of the chief god Odin. Each morning Odin sends forth these raven and they fly over the earth. At night they return and sit on his shoulders to tell him all that they heard and saw.

Hymir - He is a sea giant, the husband of Hrod, who lives at edge of the heaven. In the final battle against the gods, Hymir will sail the terrible ship Naglfar, which is made entirely from the nails of the dead.

Hyndla - One of the "Ivithjar", wood giants who have the knowledge of the fates and blood lines of humans and giants.

Hyrrokin (Fire Smoke) -  A Jotun-Giantess with enormous strength, who rides a wolf with a bridle of snakes. She was the Giantess who dragged Balder's burial boat, "Ringhorn", down to the sea.

Iarnvidiur - The trollwife Giantess of Ironwood Forest in Midgard. She breeds wolves.

Idi - A storm giant, brother of Thiazzi and Gang, son of Olvaldi, who left piles of gold for his sons.

Jormungand - One of the three children of the god Loki and his wife, the giantess Angrboda. the serpent easily spans the entire world, hence the name Midgard Serpent. It lies deep in the ocean where it bites itself in its tail, and all mankind is caught within his coils. At the destruction of the universe, Jormungand and Thor will kill each other.

Jotuns - The Norse primeval frost-giants, the enemies of the gods. They were drowned in the blood of Ymir, after which a new race of giants was created by the two only survivors. The Jotuns live in Jotunheim. 

Kari - He is a tempest giant and lord of the storm giants.

Leirbrimir - A Clay-Giant.

Logi - A Fire-Giant who served Utgardh-Loki. He competed and won against Loki in eating the most meat. It was a trick. Logi is actually "flame", which burns more quickly than one can eat. Logi's father is Mistblindi and Aegir is his brother.

Menja - Jotun-Giantess, the sister of Fenja, the two women responsible for turning King Frodes giant mill, "Grotte".

Mimir - The giant in Norse mythology who guards the "Well of the Highest Wisdom", situated in Jotunheim under of the roots of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. He stands half-immersed in the water and on his powerful shoulders he is supporting the Kjolen Mountains.

Mistblindi (Fog Blind) - Mistblindi is father of the ocean Giant, "Aegir" and the fire Giant, "Logi".

Modgud - The grim skeleton Modgunn is the guardian by the Gjallarbridge bridge that goes over the river Gjoll to the kingdom of death.

Morkkurkalve - A golum, or Mud-Giant, created by the Jotuns to help Rungnir in his fight with Thor. He is shaped from mud, with a mare's heart. He is nine miles tall and his chest is three miles wide. He faltered during the battle.

Mundilfari (Travels like a pendulum) -  He was married to Glaur. Their children were so beautiful that he named his son Mani (moon) and his daughter Sol (sun).

Nidhogg (tearer of corpses) - A monstrous serpent that gnaws perpetually at the deepest root of the World Tree Yggdrasil, threatening to destroy it. This serpent is always bickering with the eagle that houses in the top of the tree. It lies on Nastrond in Niflheim, were it also eats corpses to sustain itself. Nidhogg is not the only serpent whose task it is to destroy the World Tree. Other serpents include Graback, Grafvolluth, Goin and Moin.

Norfe - The Giant Norfe is the father of the disir, "Night".

Orvandil - A Giant, and first husband of Sif and father of Ullr.

Otter - Otter is Hreidmar's son and brother to Fafnir and Regin. He could put on the shape of an otter whenever he liked.

Ratatosk - (Teeth That Find) The squirrel who lives in Yggdrasil. He runs up and down the trunk carrying insults between the dragon Nidhogg and the eagle who dwells in the top branches.

Rym (Old and Powerless) - The Storm Giant who controls the rudder on Naglfar, the ship that Hel, the Death Goddess, built using dead people's nails.

Sæhrimnir (The Sea Striped) - Boar whose meat feeds the dead at Valhalla. Each evening the boar Sæhrimnir is slaughtered, cut up, and cooked, to serve the warriors in Valhalla, but every morning he's alive and healthy again.

Sinmara - The earth-pale Giantess Sinmara watches the rooster Vidofner. Her magic-wand, "Laevatein", which she keeps away from the Giants, is the only thing that can kill the rooster.

Sleipnir - The eight-legged horse who conveyed Odin between the realms of spirit and matter and was symbolic of Time. Sleipnir is the foal of Loki the mare and Svadilfari the stallion.

Surt - A Fire Giant who lives with the People of Muspel in Muspelheim, the realm of fire to the south. There he stands ever alert, brandishing his great, fiery sword which shines brighter than the sun. In Ragnarok, he is the one who sets the world on fire and burns it down. whose wife is Sinmore. He will kill Freyr in Ragnarok.

Suttung  - The Giant who guards the Mead of Poetry. Suttungis the son of Gilling.

Tandgnistr (Tooth Grinder) and Tandgrisner (Gap Tooth) - The two he-goats that pulled Thor's wagon. If Thor slaughters them, they will be alive again the next morning as long as their bones are intact.

Thrudgelmir - The father of all Giants. His father is Ymir, the prehistoric Giant who was created when the cow Audhumbla licked at a saltstone. He is the father of Bergelmir.

Trivaldi (Triple Mighty) A Giant with nine heads and three necks. He was killed by Thor, who split each his heads with an axe.

Vafthruthnir (The one who knows answers') - Wisest of all of the Giants.

Vedfolnir (Blown Down) - The hawk that lives between the eyes of the eagle Hraesvelg in the top of Yggdrasil.

Vidofner (Willowtwister) - The rooster that sits at the top of the Yggdrassil. He is watched by Sinmara with her Laevatein, the only thing that can kill him.

Ymir (Roarer) - The primal being, created by the first meeting of fire and ice in Ginnungagap, He drank milk from the cow, Audhumbla. He was the first Frost Giant, from whose slain body the world was created and from whom all the jotun (and most of the Gods) descend. Odin and his brothers, Vili (will) and Vé (holiness) slew Ymir and made the sea from his blood, the earth from his body, and the vault of the sky from his skull.

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