Nordic Deity

Members of the Norse pantheon

Aarvak - Norse dawn-Goddess identified with the rising Venus. She is equivalent to the Roman Goddess, "Aurora".

Adnhrimnir (Sooty Faced) - He is the cook of the Aesir and the Einherjar. Every evening he slaughters the cosmic boar Sahrimnir and cooks it in his magical cauldron Eldhrimnir. Every evening he slaughters the cosmic boar Sahrimnir, which is restored to life the same night. The cosmic goat Heidrun, meanwhile, stands at the top of the world tree and eats its leaves. Its milk, (i.e. the Milky Way) forms the basic ingredient for the mead of the Aesir.

Amma - Norse Grandmother Goddess who gave birth to the race of churls (Freemen).

Astrild - She is the Norse Goddess of love.

Atla - She is a giantess, and the mother of Heimdall. Also known as a water goddess and daughter of Ran.

Beiwe - She is a Spring and Sun Goddess who brings greenery to the Arctic. She is associated with the fertility of plants and animals, in particulary, reindeer. She travels with her daughter "Beiwe-Neida" through the sky in an enclosure of reindeer antlers.

Beldegg - A son of Odin who became king of West Saxony. 

Beyla - She is a servant of Freyr, and the wife of Byggvir. Her name is thought to be related to a word for "cow", and she the protectress of dairy work.

Billing - Father of the beautiful Goddess Rind. King of the Ruthenians.

Bor - Bor is a primordial Norse man, the son of Buri. He married the giantess Bestla, who is a daughter of the frost giant Bolthorn. Bor and Bestla had three children who became the first gods: Odin, Vili, Ve.

Borghild - Known as the Lady of the mist. She is the personification of the evening mist, or perhaps the moon, who kills the light of day. She is the wife of Sigmund.

Brono - The son of Balder. He is the Nordic God of daylight.  

Buri - Buri is the primeval man. He had neither father nor mother, but was created by a cow named Audhumla. As she licked the salt blocks of Ginnagagap, the shape of a man -- Buri -- was formed. Buri had a son named Bor.

Bylgia - One of the nine daughters of Aegir and Ran. The other eight daughters being Himinglæva (the Heaven Shining One), Dufa , Blodhughadda (Bloody Hair), Hefring (the Rising One), Udhr, Hronn, Bara, and Kolga (The Cold One).

Dagur - He is the son of Delling, the God of twilight, and Nott Goddess of night. The gods gave him a chariot and put him in the sky. His chariot is pulled by the horse is "Skinfaxi", whose shining mane illuminates the earth and the sky.

Dis - Ancestral Goddess of heredity. She assigns the talents and shortcomings of individuals. 

Drifa (Drifting Snow) - Daughter of the snow-God, Snior.

Einmyria - The daughter of Loki and Glut (Loki's first wife). Her sister is Eisa.

Eir (mercy) - Eir is a minor Norse goddess of healing. She knew the medicinal properties of herbs, with which she could even resurrect the dead. She taught the art of healing only to women,

Eisa - The daughter of Loki and Glut (Loki's first wife). Her sister is Einmyria.

Elli - Norse goddess of old age, who ever overcame the mighty Thor in a wrestling match.

Fimafeng (The Swift) - He was a servant of the sea-God, "Aegir".

Gefion (giver) - She is an old-Scandinavian vegetation and fertility Goddess, especially connected with the plough. She was considered the patron of virgins and the bringer of good luck and prosperity. Every girl who dies a virgin will become Gefion's servant. She is married to King Skjold or Scyld 1, a son of Odin, and lived in Leire, Denmark, where she had a sanctuary. The Swedish kings are said to be her descendants.

Glen - He is the husband of Sol.

Glúm - A minor Norse goddess, an attendant of Frigg.

Glut - The first wife of Loki and by him, the mother of Eisa and Einmyria.

Gna - Along with Fulla and Hlín, she is a handmaiden and messenger of Frigg who sends her on errands. She has a swift horse named Hofvarpnir ("Hoof-thrower") which can run in the air and over water.

Gunnar - He is the brother of Gudrun. He was also a hero who had tried to rescue the Valkyrie Brünnehilde but failed.

Hlin - She is a handmaiden of Frigg. And a Goddess charged with protecting those men who Frigg wants kept safe. Known also as a Goddess of consolation. 

Holler - He is the Norse God of death and destruction and the one who brings diseases and disasters. He was known to torture people to death in his underground dungeon.

Honir - The long-legged god of the Aesir, known for his indecisiveness. He is one of the few Gods that will survive Ragnarok.

Hnoss (Jewel) - Beautiful daughter of Freyja and OD. And sister of Gersimi (Treasure).  Hnoss represents infatuation.

Huldra - Huldra was a form of the goddess Frigg, who was attended by wood nymphs. A Goddess of the woods.

Jord -  She is one of the wives of the chief god Odin and the mother of the god Thor. She is the Norse goddess of primitive and uncivilized areas on Earth.

Kolga - Goddess of the untamed sea, and daughter of Ran and Aegir.

Kvasir - He was known as the wisest of the Vanir. He was fashioned from the spittle of all the gods. He was soon murdered by Fjalar and Galar, two dwarven brothers, in their cavern. They mixed his blood and preserved it; the blood fermented into a magical mead that inspired poets.

Laga - She is the Norse Goddess of wells and springs.

Lofn - The Goddess of forbidden love and illicit affairs.

Magni and Modi - They are the sons of Thor. Magni was considered the God of might, or strength, and was believed to be the only being in the Norse universe stronger than his father. Modi was the God of battle wrath. His worshippers were known as the "berserks".

Mani - He is the God of the moon, son of Mundilfari and brother of Sol, the sun. At night he rides a chariot pulled by horses through the sky, and determines its waxing and waning. Mani pulls the moon through the sky every night, pursued by the wolf Hati. Lunar eclipses were caused by Hati coming close to catching Mani.

Miming - A minor Norse forest-God.

Norns - They are three old crones by the names of Urd (fate), Skuld (necessity) and Verdandi (being). They live beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, (although some accounts

They are demi-goddesses of destiny. They control the destinies of both gods and men, as well as the unchanging laws of the cosmos. They are represented as three sisters: Urd (fate), Verdandi (necessity) and Skuld (being). They live at the base of the World Tree Yggdrasil in the realm of Asgard.

Nott - Goddess of the night, and the daughter of Narvi.  She had three husbands and bore three children. Her first husband was "Naglfari", with whom she gave birth to Aud. Next was "Annar", the father of Earth and her last husband was "Delling", who was the father of Dagur.

Volund (Wayland) - The Norse smith-God.

Vor (aware) - Norse Goddess of curiosity.


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