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May 2005

"Through our hearts shall the Great Mysteries become knowledge"

Rhea, Greek Mother Goddess

I have always found Greek mythology, to be very interesting. One story in particular is that of Rhea and Cronus.
Rhea, who is known as "Magna Mater" is the mother of the Greek Gods. Rhea is the Goddess of Caverns in some regional beliefs.
She is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia and she was married to her brother Cronus. She is the mother of Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus. She is also known as "Rhea Cybele" in part because of her association/identification with the Goddess Cybele. Rhea is listed as one of the original fourteen Titans. The Titans were the predecessors of the Olympian pantheon. But that's another story.
Now if I may backtrack for just a moment, a word or two on her family.
Her father "Uranus" was known as The Sky-Father" who along with Gaia (Earth Mother), was a "Primal being" who emerged from the chaos. Uranus was the original ruler of the Titans.
As to Rhea's children, Demeter was the Goddess of Agriculture as well as a Fertility Goddess. Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. Hera became the Queen of the Olympian pantheon and was married to Zeus, her brother and Supreme Lord of the Olympian pantheon.
Hestia presides over domestic life as the Goddess of Home and Hearth. Her brother "Poseidon" is the Greek God of the Sea. Rhea's grandson was Dionysus, who is the Greek God of Wine and often associated with the Roman God, "Bacchus.
Probably the best known story involving Rhea, is the story of her children and the fears of Cronus.
The story goes that Cronus was aware that his children would one day overthrow him, much as Cronus himself had done to his father, Uranus. In order to prevent this from happening, Cronus swallowed his newborn children Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon, but his wife Rhea and Gaia their mother, wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes in place of the infant Zeus. When Cronus came upon the bundle, he thought it was the newborn baby, Zeus, and so he swallowed the stone. Meanwhile Rhea, quietly had her baby taken to Crete, and there, in a cave on Mount Dicte, the divine goat Amaltheia suckled and raised the infant known as Zeus. And he did in fact overthrow his father, Cronus.
It is thought that the rituals of Rhea incorporated violent sex much in the manner of the Roman, "Bacchanals".
Rhea is often depicted as riding a chariot driven by two lions. And today she is often remembered as the fourteenth of Saturn's moons, as well as the second largest of this group. For you astrology buffs, the satellite "Rhea" was discovered by a French astrologer named Giovanni Domenico Cassini in 1672.
There of course is much more to this story but as always, I encourage you the reader to persue further research on this interesting Goddess and more...

"The universal brotherhood of man is our most precious possession."
Mark Twain (1835

                                                                  The Origin of Medicine                                                             

At one time, animals and people lived together peaceably and talked with each other. But when mankind began to multiply rapidly, the animals were crowded into forests and deserts.
Man began to destroy animals wholesale for their skins and furs, not just for needed food. Animals became angry at such treatment by their former friends, resolving they must punish mankind.
The bear tribe met in council, presided over by Old White Bear, their Chief. After several bears had spoken against mankind for their bloodthirsty ways, war was unanimously agreed upon. But what kinds of weapons should the bears use?
Chief Old White Bear suggested that man's weapon, the bow and arrow, should be turned against him. All of the council agreed. While the bears worked and made bows and arrows, they wondered what to do about bowstrings. One of the bears sacrificed himself to provide the strings, while the others searched for good arrow- wood.
When the first bow was completed and tried, the bear's claws could not release the strings to shoot the arrow. One bear offered to cut his claws, but Chief Old White Bear would not allow him to do that, because without claws he could not climb trees for food and safety. He might starve.
The deer tribe called together its council led by Chief Little Deer. They decided that any Indian hunters, who killed deer without asking pardon in a suitable manner, should be afflicted with painful rheumatism in their joints.
After this decision, Chief Little Deer sent a messenger to their nearest neighbours, the Cherokee Indians.
"From now on, your hunters must first offer a prayer to the deer before killing him," said the messenger. "You must ask his pardon, stating you are forced only by the hunger needs of your tribe to kill the deer. Otherwise, a terrible disease will come to the hunter."
When a deer is slain by an Indian hunter, Chief Little Deer will run to the spot and ask the slain deer's spirit, "Did you hear the hunter's prayer for pardon?"
If the reply is yes, then all is well and Chief Little Deer returns to his cave. But if the answer is no, then the Chief tracks the hunter to his lodge and strikes him with the terrible disease of rheumatism, making him a helpless cripple unable to hunt again.
All the fishes and reptiles then held a council and decided they would haunt those Cherokee Indians, who tormented them, by telling them hideous dreams of serpents twining around them and eating them alive. These snake and fish dreams occurred often among the Cherokees. To get relief, the Cherokees pleaded with their Shaman to banish their frightening dreams if they no longer tormented the snakes and fish.
Now when the friendly plants heard what the animals had decided against mankind, they planned a countermove of their own. Each tree, shrub, herb, grass, and moss agreed to furnish a cure for one of the diseases named by the animals and insects.
Thereafter, when the Cherokee Indians visited their Shaman about their ailments and if the medicine man was in doubt, he communed with the spirits of the plants. They always suggested a proper remedy for mankind's diseases.

This was the beginning of plant medicine from nature among the Cherokee Indian nation a long, long time ago.

"You'll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind."
Irish Proverb

Aliester Edward Crowley: The Great Beast

Aliester Crowley (1875 - 1947 C.E.) was born of strict Puritan parents in Leamington, Warwickshire England. From
very early on Croweley was at odds with the strict religious upbringings of his parents, in particular his mother. He turned to the occult sciences and in time became a reknown mystic and practitioner of the occult arts. The term the
"Beast" came from his mother in reference to his practices. Croweley added the word "Great" which in his mind fulfilled a prophesy found in the Apocalypse of St John. Throughout his life he was reputed to employ deviant sex acts (with both males and females) as well as blood into his occult rituals.
In 1898 he joined The Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn under the name of "Frater 'Perdurabo" (I will endure).  This order was based upon cabalism and spiritualism. The group was led by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers. Other  well known members included William Butler Yeats, Maud Gonne, Constance Wilde, (the wife of Oscar Wilde), Arthur Machen, Moina Bergson, Arthur Edward Waite, Florence Farr and Algernon Blackwood.
The Golden Dawn had a  hierarchy that was divided amongst three classes or orders. The first was the "Golden Dawn which consisted of those who had learned the basic magickal doctrines. The second level or order was titled the Red Rose and Golden Cross, and was comprised of students who put magickal theory to actual practice. The third and highest level or order was known as the Silver Star, and was composed of those who had become adepts of the magickal arts. The study of the Qabalah figured prominently within this group.
After spending a few years with the Golden Dawn, Croweley was expelled as a member. This was due to a conflict of beliefs between Croweley and the GD. The Golden Dawn was engaged in White Ceremonial magick as opposed to Croweleys obsession with the Black Arts.
Upon his expulsion he created a group in 1907 called Argentium Astrum, where he expanded his fascination with the Black Arts. In 1912 Croweley joined the "Ordo Templi Orientis" (the Order of Eastern Templars) also known as O.T.O.  under the assumed name of "Baphomet".
In 1920 he set up the infamous Abbey of Thelema in Sicily. Rumors abounded of the drug use and Black magick rituals that were a part of the stigma attached to the Abbey of Selema. This stigma included the fact that his daughter "Poupee" had died there. In 1923, Croweley was expelled from Sicily thus effectively ending the Abbey.
Throughout his life, Croweley claimed to be the reincarnation of Eliphas Levi who had died the same year that Croweley was born. He would go on to claim a number of reincarnations that would include Count Cagliostro, Alexander VI and Edward Kelley.
Aliester Crowley was a prolific writer of books on the occult and magick. Among his many books are "Liber AL vel Legis" (Book of the Law), Diary of a Drug Fiend, The Book of Lies and Magick in Theory and Practice.
The terms Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law, Love Is The Law, Love Under Will and Every Man And Every Woman Is A Star is also accredited to Croweley.
He died alone on December 1, 1947 at the age of 72, addicted to heroin and alcohol.

"The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves."
William Hazlitt (1778 )

                    Triana's Kitchen       

                   (recipes brought to you by Triana)
Hand fasting or Beltane Cake
Rose and basil are plants associated with Venus and love. I baked this cake for my own hand fasting as well as for every Beltane celebration, mostly because it's just so tasty. While making this cake, concentrate on feelings of love and happiness for the people who will be eating it later on. I believe that the energy and feelings that you experience while you are cooking a meal show up in the food, so be sure to always think happy thoughts while cooking!

1 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup honey
5 eggs
2 cups flour
2 tsp of grated lemon rind
2 1/2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp rose water (found in natural food stores) (Food Grade)
pinch of basil (herb of love)

In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar until fluffy and light. Add the honey and mix well. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Gradually add the flour and blend thoroughly with a large wooden spoon. Stir in the lemon rind, lemon juice, rosewater, and basil. Pour into a greased pan 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan. Bake the cake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 1 hour and fifteen minutes. Remove and let stand on a rack for twenty minutes before un molding. Spread icing or sprinkle sugar on top of cake just before serving. This is a very heavy, dense cake.

Recipe by Gerina Dunwich

Beltane Spiral Goddess Bread

1 TBSP dry yeast (1 packet)
1/4 cup warm water
pinch sugar
8 TBSP butter, softened
2/3 cups brown sugar
3 eggs
1 cup milk, at room temp.
1 TBSP orange zest, minced or grated
pinch salt
41/2-51/2 cups flour
chopped almonds or walnuts (optional)

Glaze: Combine and whip together until blended
2 TBSP melted butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar
2 TBSP honey
1 egg white

Combine the yeast and water, sprinkle with the pinch of sugar, and let sit until foamy. Cream together the butter and sugar, then add the eggs, milk, orange zest, yeast mixture, and salt. Mix in the first 3 cups of flour, 1 cup at a time, first with a whisk, then with a wooden spoon. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time until the mixture is too stiff to beat. Turn out onto a flat surface dusted with flour and knead, adding flour until the dough is silky and dry. Continue kneading for a few more minutes.
Put dough in a lightly oiled bowl, turn the dough over once, and cover with a damp cloth. Let rise in a warm place until 80% doubled in size. Punch down and divide loaf into two parts., one about 60 % of the dough, the other about 40%.
Roll the larger part into a long rope about 2 inches in diameter. On a lightly oiled cookie sheet, wind the long rope into a spiral. From the second piece of dough, pinch off a piece about as big as a Ping-Pong ball and set aside. Roll out the remaining piece of dough into a rope and shape the chest of the goddess, which should look like the number 3 or the letter M standing on top of the spiral, like this:  @3
Use the ball for her head. Cover with a clean cloth and set in a warm place. Let rise until almost doubled; this bread has egg in it and will rise even more in the oven.
Bake for about 45 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven or until it tests done. When the loaf is still warm, spread the glaze over it and sprinkle with nuts. Move this loaf carefully; the sections may separate, so try to slide it onto its serving piece. Happy eating's!

Lithuanian Charm against fever

In the name of the sun,
In the name of Perkunas,
By thunder,
I you order, fever,
I hunt you from men, from animals, from birds, from each living being,
To the green forest, the deep pools, the shadowy swamps,
There where the sun does not shine,
Where no man walks,
Where no animal wades,
Where no bird flies.
If you do not obey me,
I will dry you on the rays of the sun,
I will wear you out with the intensity of the sun,
I will drown you in the bitter dew,
I will feed you bewitched bread.
I order you to leave (name the invalid)
To no longer torment him.

Banishing of the Lessor Pentagram

Do this meditation prior to the ritual itself:

Picture yourself growing in stature, larger and larger until your head is in the clouds and your feet are on the surface of the Earth. Visualize a white light, starting at the top of your head and enclosing you down to your feet.
Begin facing East with athame in the right hand. Do the Qabalistic Cross as follows:

Touch your forehead and say: ATEH ( AH - TOW )
Touch your breast and say: MALKUTH ( MAL - KOOTH )
Touch your right shoulder and say: VEGEBURAH ( VER GA BOO RAH )
Touch your left shoulder and say: VE-GEDULAH ( VER GA DOO LAH )

Clasp your hands before you and say: LE-OLAM

With athame between fingers, point up and say: Amen

Make in the air toward the East the banishing pentagram and bringing the point of the athame to the center of the pentagram vibrate the deity name - YOD HE VAU HE - imagining that your voice carries forward to the East of the universe.

Holding the athame out before you, go to the South, making the pentagram and vibrate similarily the Deity name - ADONAI

Go to the West, making the pentagram and vibrate the deity name - EHEIEH ( AE HA YAH )

Go to the North and make the pentagram and vibrate - ATEH ( AH TOW ) GEBUR (GA BOOR ) LEH-OLAHAM, ADONAI.

Return to the East and complete your circle by bringing the athame point to the center of the first pentagram.
Visualize the entire circle with the pentagram in a blue flame.

Place yourself in a pentagram position and say:

Before me stands Raphael
Behind me stands Gabriel
At my right stands Michael
At my left stands Auriel

Before me flames the Pentagram
Behind me shines the Six Rayed Star

Repeat the Qabalistic Cross again.
So Mote It Be!

Silly Faery Poem

(by Lady Soul Weaver and Rains Song)

As I was walking through the woods
a faerie pinched my ass
I turned around and there I found
a faerie so I asked

'Why did you pinch me pixie?
I've never done you harm'

'You stomped on that fern over there
and crushed my little farm
So the very least that you could do
is take me home to live with you'

So I said yes without a thought
and this grave lesson I was taught

if in the woods you feel a poke,
run like hell -it is no joke

they like to pinch you black and blue,
they like to tie knots in your shoes
they pull the whiskers off your cat
so that's my story,
and that's a fact!

(it should be said that I have the highest respect for the fae, and do enjoy their wicked sense of humor and felt a little was needed in return :)

Midsummer Dwarven Call

By, Lady Soul Weaver

(leave an offering of 151 for these guys they like their spirits)

"Guardians of Gaia, secrets you keep
Goodly dwarves of the Earth so deep,
masters of metals, gems and ore,
legendary craftsmen and fighters of yore
courage bold, strong of arm and heart,
celebrate with us as the veil does part."

Spell to find new friends:

items needed: pink taper, a rose quartz, a yellow rose
time: Friday night of a waxing moon

cast as usual; dress candle as you see most fit, holding taper open heart and brow; surround yourself with pink light for friendship or yellow light for success. See yourself meeting new people, pump the candle with energy, place the candle and rosequartz together light it and chant:

"Open my heart to friends true and fast
good relationships for a lifetime last
true of spirit and alike of mind,
good new friends help me find"

bury any left over wax or wick, place the rose near your front door, computer or phone and carry the rose quartz with you when you go out and about.

Herb Section: Rose (Wild)

Rose hips are very nourishing to the skin, as well as containing vitamin C. It is used as a blood purifier, and for
treatment of infections, colds, and flu. Rose petal syrup can be made by adding twice the petals’ weight of sugar and
infusing in hot water. The resulting liquid is a natural laxative and a tonic for the stomach.  Rose hips are particularly good for digestion and produce a diuretic effect without irritating the kidneys. By eliminating uric acid accumulations, brier hips help in gouty and rheumatic complaints.
The rose hips should be gathered after the first frost. They will be red and ready for drying or making into jam.             
The jam or jelly is used for coughs. The dried hips are opened, the seeds and hairs removed, and the skins used for an excellent sore throat tea; use two teaspoons per cup of water and simmer for ten minutes. An infusion of the petals, one ounce to one pint of water, makes a soothing eye lotion; strain it first through cheesecloth.
Rose water is used in love potions. Petals are used in healing incense and sachets, and burned to provide a restful night's sleep. The essential oil is used in ritual baths to provide peace, love, and harmony within the self. The hips are strung like beads and worn to attract love. Rose petals sprinkled around the home will calm personal stress and upheavals in the home.
Rose buds are added to bath water to conjure a lover. Place some in a red cloth bag and pin it under your clothes.
Add red rose petals to healing formulas and spells. The rose is connected to Venus and the Water element.
The rose is an herb of love. A chaplet of roses or a single rose on the altar is powerful additions when performing love rituals.
A tea made from the buds, which is drunk before bed will bring prophetic dreams. To answer the question, “which one”, take the green leaves from a rose. Inscribe the name of each of your lover on the leaves. The leaf that stays green the longest is the right one.
A cloth soaked in rosewater and placed on the temples will relieve headaches. Add to mixtures and potions for luck to add speed. Carry or place in the home for protection and peace Planted in the garden they attract fairies.

                          Crystal Section: Erythrite         

The color of Erythrite runs from deep red-purple to lighter pinks in massive to thin crust
forms. Its Hardness is 1.5 - 2.5. And its Specific Gravity is approximately 3.1.
Erythrite is named from the Greek, "erythros" for "red."
When used in workings, Erythrite is employed as an aid to meditation. It is also used to
open and connect with all seven major chakras.
For crystal healing it is used for infections, inflammations, and diseases related to bone marrow and red blood cells. Never use as an elixir.
Errythrite's astrological signs are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. And it vibrates to the number 2.

    Did you Know:
According to Middle Eastern "jadu" (witchcraft), to ward off the evil eye one needs to hang a "camel's needle"(Alhagi Camelorum)  (a dried out stem of thistles) over the front door.


                                      Crick's Corner:

                     Greetings folks: Beltain is but a short while away. And I feel so energized that I could light a candle with my finger tips. When I was growing up we only celebrated the four major sabbat's. And Though I now celebrate all eight sabbat's, Beltain has always been my favorite. As a fire festival it appeals to my Irish background and the need to stay connected to the land. It is also the start of the beloved Celtic summer.
As a sabbat it represents the growth of the God to manhood and the union of the God and Goddess. It assures the continued turning of the wheel, making life a complete cycle of birth, life, death and re-birth. And thus the Great Rite is enacted in honor of these ancient cycles. It is a sacred time of fertility and growth, a time to appreciate all that is.
My spirit yearns to be as one with the All, and on this special day it is. It was on Beltain 2000 C. E. when Whispering Woods coven was first formed. And I can't begin to give enough thanks for all of the experiences and lessons learned over the years from this union of witch and coven. Beltain will always remain special within my heart. And as long as She continues to put breath into my body I will honor this sacred day on behalf of both the God and the beloved Goddess.
Until next time Callieachs...

Ni heolas go haontios

"There is no knowledge without unity"

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