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January Issue 2003

" Our lives are all joined, by striking out at others, you are striking back at yourself.")

Featured Article: The Etruscans

The Etruscan's were a mystical and deeply religious people. They were one of the ancestors of our pagan culture. It is thought that they became a civilized culture circa 968 B.C.E.
Because of their deeply entrenched religious influence in Rome, the Christians of the 4 th. century C.E. meticulously destroyed all vestiges of Etruscan teachings. Two of the writings that the Etruscans are famous for, are the Tagetic books and the Vegonic books. It is a note of history that "Flavius Stilicho" (a regent for Emperor Honorius) circa 394 C.E. was instrumental in destroying many non-christian books. Amongst these were the Tagetic books, which had been kept in the temple of Apollo, which was located in Rome. Such was their fear, that "Arnobius" , one of the first Christian apologists, circa 300 C.E. wrote that Etruria was the originator and mother of all superstition.
The story behind the Tagetic books is that a farmer was plowing his fields, when out of the furrows a male child appeared. His name was "Tages." He is thought to have been the son of "Genius" and grandson of the Supreme God "Tinia (Jupiter). His appearance brought the "lucomones (Priest Kings of Etruria) to the fields. Once there, Tagetes imparted the sacred doctrines known as the Tagetic books to them.
To the Romans these doctrines were called the "Disciplina Etrusca". These doctrines consisted of three books which dealt with every aspect of life at that time. The first was the Libri haruspicini, which taught the art of haruspicy (divination using the liver of sacrificed animals). The second was the libri fulgurates, which covered the interpretation of thunder and lightning. And the libri rituales which covered all other aspects of life. This last libri was further divided into three more sections, the libri fatales, the division of time and the lifespans of the populace. The libri Acherontici, which covered the afterworld and rituals for salvation. And the Ostentaria, which covered how to read signs relating to deity.
Because the avarice of man was well known to the Gods, Jupiter sent the nymph "Vegoia" to present man with the Vegonic books.
These dictated how to establish the boundaries of fields, real estates, and cities.
It was believed that heaven and earth were divided into a spirtual cross which consisted of the "cardo" axis which runs North and South and the "decumanus" axis, which runs East and West.
It was from this "cross" that the Augers and Haruspex (high priests) determined every aspect affecting daily life.
The Etruscans also believed that life consisted of ten seven year periods. It was believed that by appealing to the Gods, that one could extend their life time by two more seven year periods. This docrination was governed by the "Libri Fatales". It is curious to note that after 80 years of life, the Etruscans believed that the body was no longer with soul.
Another peculiarity of the Etruscans, was their belief that the deities that they worshipped had pre-determined the reign of their civilization. It was determined that the Etruscan society would survive for ten "Saecula" and then would disappear from the face of the earth. Each Saecula was determined by the foundation day of the city. They would record the birth of those born on this day and when the last or oldest person born on this day died, that would be considered one saecula. This went on for ten life times or saecula and then the Etruscans did indeed cease to exist. In accordance with their beliefs that deity had a hand in every aspect of life, no matter how mundane, they worshipped a large contingency of Gods/Goddess's. Among these were Aita (Pluto), Aplu (Apollo), Atuns (Adonis), Februus, Laran, Maris (Mars) and many more.
Such a fascinating branch to have in our pagan family tree.

Recipe of the Month:  Fried Honeycakes

Fried Honeycakes

These small cakes are not unlike those made on the night before Beltane by women around the turn of the century. These cakes were left in the garden to please fairy visitors.

1/2 cup sweet white wine                 2 tablespoons sugar

1 egg                                                1 cup honey

2/3 cup flour                                    1/8 teaspoon nutmeg

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon                   Oil for frying

1/8 teaspoon salt  

Beat the wine and egg in a medium bowl. Combine the flour, cinnamon, salt and sugar in a small bowl. Stir into the egg mixture. Let stand 30 minutes.
Combine the honey and nutmeg in a small bowl. Beat 1/2-inch of the oil in frying pan until hot but not smoking. Drop the batter into the oil 1 tablespoonful at a time; fry until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. Dip into the honey.

Yield: 1 1/2 dozen

Magickal Attributes: Kinship with the Devic and Fairy world.

To find this wonderful recipe and others like it, please check out:

Featured Poem  5AM in the Morning

Its 5AM in the morning,
another long day ahead.
I lean across to the alarm clock,
on the cabinet beside my bed.

I prop myself up, and i turn on the light,
as i try to collect my thoughts.
What shall i wear under my clothes?
a thong,  or Boxer shorts.

The frost is stuck to the windows,
and the roads look like rivers of ice.
The kettle boils softly in the kitchen,
as i fix me a bowl of rice.

I clean my shoes, and iron my shirt,
my trousers are neatly pressed.
Another glance in the mirror,
Confirms i am completely dressed.

As i drive to the Depot,
and park in the yard beneath.
i realise what i have forgotten,
To put in my flaming teeth.

Writers Comment.

I hope you all like my unusual poetry, as many will be aware it is written in quatrains, this means it consists of four lines per verse, another poet, far older than me, was also what is called a seer, he saw into the future, he predicted events, during his life, attitudes to paganism, and anything that didnt conform to a firm Christianised order, was severely frowned on, torture and murder was common even if given a legal title such as execution. He was persecuted and much of his early work, was destroyed, he persevered and found a way to encrypt his thoughts and his visions, into quatrain style verse. I guess if i named him as Nostradamus, you may now thinking "of course why didnt i think of him, its so obvious". But there ya go, he was an incredible person, and so was a target for anyone that had a grudge, or didnt like his style and path, He chose to hide this forbidden knowlede for others in the future to decypher, thus prolonging his own life. His encryption style has been worked on by many people, and many of their interpretations of this great man are similar, I am sure we know people that want to change the system, tha want to be different, who want to be as good and as honest as they can be, some of them want to shine love from their hearts to the whole world, but cant, for fear of persecution and death. These unsung heroes, these people who did dare to be different, have to find a quiet life, in order to carry out their work, ' The realms of Spirit work  their own form of majik, and do it in their own way.

Blessings be to all our readers.
Dave (

Featured Herb: Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa)

Black Cohosh is a masculine herb. It is a member of the Buttercup family. It's magical powers
include love, protection, courage and potency. Men should carry it with them to help with
problems of impotency. It is often carried as a amulet for courage.
The herb, Black Cohosh acts very similar to the female-produced chemical, estrogen. It is
considered an astringent, emmenagogue, expectorant, diuretic, sedative, and an antispasmodic.
The roots can be boiled and ingested, this helps to treat fatigue, sore throat, and arthritis. Also
used for hot flashes and menopause. It is thought to calm the nervous system and stimulate the
heart and it reduces blood pressure because it is an excellent herb to open restricted blood
Black Cohosh should not be used if you have heart disease, cannot take birth control pills or are pregnant. Large doses should be avoided. 


                                          Featured Crystal: Quartz

Quartz in general is known to be an excellent amplifier. It is used to align and harmonize human energies. It is used in meditation and healing. It is used to align the chakras and many more uses too numerous to be listed here. In Buddhism, quartz is one of the seven precious substances. In general, quartz falls under the astrological sign of Scorpio. It vibrates to the #2 and it's master number is 88.
There are many types of quartz, each with their own properties. A few examples of these are: Smokey Quartz which softens negative energy and allows positive frequencies to come in. It is also an excellent grounding stone. It further acts as a protective stone, providing for an encompassing barrier of energy around the user.
Rose Quartz, which is  the definitive stone for love rituals. This stone can be used to open to heart chakra. It is extremely love attracting. It also promotes peace, happiness, and fidelity in established relationships.
Rutilated Quartz, which is excellent at lending extra energy to spells. Great for clearing and/or expanding the chakras. Not only will it increase over-all energy, it will also magnify the positive energy.

     Did you know ???
The ancient Aztecs, used human sacrifice to appease and to ensure that their Sun God "Huitzilopochtli" would continue to rise each day.


                    Cricks Rants: Greetings folks: My rant this month is about the group called Betwixt and Between. I'm not writing this rant because Maeven has joined our editorial staff, but rather because her presence has made me more aware of their mission which coincides with my own philosophies regarding the pagan community. Far too often our community is beset from within by individuals and/or groups who are more concerned with their ego rather then the spiritual development of the community.
I have witnessed this tragic situation first-hand within my own local community. Betwixt and Between is a fine example of how local pagan communities can join together for a common cause without all of the in-fighting that is far too prevalant these days. They provide a common ground where all pagans are equal and participate together for the good of the community at large. The massive egos of those that strive to be noted as the final authority are not an issue in this organization. What a huge relief to see such a group in operating in harmony for a common goal. Remember folks; irregardless of how much knowledge we may have accumulated, we are all travelers along the spiritual path. None of us are perfect until we become one with Akasha. And since we are all still in this realm, what does that tell you?? To check out the example that  Betwixt and Between has given us, please go to

This is my ranting for the month. Until next month.

Warm Blessings to all of you Cailleachs ..... Crickjumper

   Want to help your community ?

Either become involved in or start a recycling program in your area. The more recycled products that we use, the less destruction that we will see happen to Mother Earth. And She needs all the help that we can give Her. Purchase bio-degradable products. Avoid products that use exotic woods. Each of us in our own little way, has a contribution to make.

" Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an traigh e."
The value of the well is not known until it goes dry.

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