Mesopotamian Gods

During the Mesopotamian Age ( Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian ) religion and everyday life went hand and hand with no discernable differences. The idea of deity being involved in every aspect of life was as natural as breathing. In order to fully understand our pagan heritage, especially those who are newly arrived to this path, we need to go back to the beginning of paganism as we know it today. It was thought that the mesopotamians worshipped up to 300 different deity. This list is by no means complete, but is offered as a starting point on the road to understanding our heritage as pagans. Education is the underlying principle of the Whispering Woods coven. And so we hope that this will further you down the path in some small way. Further research is always encouraged for our visitors. And this list will be amended as our own research allows. We are are blessed, to be associated with such a diverse and enriched culture.

Adad - A storm god, who was also responsible for floods. Adad was the son of Anu. He is depicted as having a lightning bolt in his right hand and an axe in his left hand. He is considered as being partly responsible for the "Great flood". His counter-part is the Canaanite god "Hadad" who is the god of thunder and Lightning.

An (Anu) - He was the sky god and symbolized heaven. An's wife was Antu and their children were the "Annunaki." The annunaki are regarded by some as the seven Sumerian "fates" who waited at the gates of hell to judge the newly arrived souls. Anu was portrayed as a bull whose bellowing was thunder. He was in charge of the assembly of gods.

Anshar - The Sumerian god of the celestial world who was born of the serpents "Lakhmu" and "Lakhamu." He mated with his sister "Kishar" to produce Anu.

Apsu - The god of the sweet-water ocean. The union between Apsu and Tiamat brought forth the first of the Sumerian gods.

Bel - He was known as the "sage" of the gods. He was considered to be a very clever god. He was the son of Ea (god of wisdom and magick) and Dumkina. He was the brother of Marduk.

Dagon - Babylonian grain and fertility god.

Damu - A Sumerian God of Healing and Vitality. He is the son of Ninhursag and Enki.

Dazimua - God created by Ninhursag to cure Enki's side in "Enki and Ninhursag's paradise." He was the husband of Ningishzida.

Enki (Ea) - He was the water god of earth, air, and magick. He lives in "Apsu", the watery depths below the earth. He was the son of Nammu and brother to Enlil.

Enkidu - The God of the Forests and Wildlife. His mother was Aruru and his father was Anu. His consort was the priestess Shamhat. He was created to be the soul-brother to Giglamesh.

Emesh - A farmer of the gods. He created the trees and fields. His brother was Enten, who was the personification of winter. Emesh was the personification of summer.

Enbilulu - A minor water deity in charge of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Enkimdu - A gentle farmer god. He was the god in charge of canals and ditches. He was placed in charge of the plow and yoke, and the perrenial fields where grain grew.

Enlil - He was the god of the sky and tempest. His domain was the planes of the earth and the sky above it. He is the first born of Anu and Ki. He is the brother of Enki ( God of the sweet-waters, crafts, and wisdom). He is the god who provided humanity with agricultural tools, thus allowing civilization to become established. He was responsible for bringing forth the light of day as well as all vegetation. His patron city was Nippur, the religious capitol of mesopotamia. His was the divine authority bestowed upon kings of Sumer by the Divine Assembly, which held court in Nippur. He represented the divine forces and powers of the cosmos. He was referred to as the supreme ruler of the gods.

Enshagag - A god created by Ninhursag to cure an unknown part of Enki's body in " Enki's and Ninhursag's paradise." He is proclaimed the Lord of Dilmun ( a Sumerian garden of Eden) by the god Enki.

Enten - God responsible for animal birth and the productivity of animals.

Erragal - A god of the Underworld.

Gerra - The god of Fire

Gibil - (Nusku, Nunska) He was an Assyrian god as in one of the four elements. Gibil was called governor of gods and men. His special task was to sit in judgement over the souls of men who in their lives had been unjust judges. He was a son od Anu and antu.

Haia - The god of the stores. The father of Ninlil.

Huwawa - ( Humbaba) Guardian god of the great forest in the Cedar Mountains.

Imdugud - A rain god worshipped in the area of Ur. He was shaped like an eagle with a lion's head, and with wings which were like the clouds.

Irra - Known as a plague god. Irra is an aspect of Nergal, given the tasks of inflicting disease on mankind at thhe request of the gods.

Ishum - The god of fire. He was also skillful with weapons.

Kabta - A minor deity in charge of brickmold.

Kittu - The God who represented Justice. He was the son of Utu and Sherida. And the brother of Misharu.

Lahar - He was the god of cattle. He was the brother of Ashanan. He was created in the creation chamber of the gods, " the Dulkug" in order to feed and clothe the Anunnaki.

Marduk - God of healing and regeneration. His father is Enki and his mother is Dankina. His spouse is Sarpanitum. And his son is Nabu. His patron city is Babylon and his temple is called Esagila. He is a god known for justice, impartiality, and compassion. He is the god-king of Babylon, the holder of 50 names of power. Bestowed upon him by the gods when as their champion, he defeated Tiamat for supremacy of the gods. He is the great grandson of Tiamat. He is also known as the Shepherd of the Gods due to his peacekeeping talents.

Misharu - The God who represented the Law. Son of Utu and Sherida. And brother to Kittu.

Mushdamma - A minor deity in charge of building and construction.

Nabu - Is the Babylonian god of writing and wisdom. He is the son of Marduk and Sarpanitum. He is the grandson of Ea. His patron city is Borsippa and his temple is called E-zida. He was known as the scribe and minister of Marduk. He is the Babylonian patron of scribes. He was entrusted with the Tablets of Destiny.

Namtar - The god herald of death.

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