Mesopotamian Goddess's

As with knowledge of any sort. This list is not conclusive. As our research develops and new information becomes available, this list will be extended. For now we hope this information will be of assistance to you.

Ashnan - Sumerian Goddess of grain. She is the daughter of Enlil.

Ereshkigal - A Goddess of death, gloom, and the dead. She was the older sister of Inanna and queen of the underworld. She is the twin sisterof Enki. Her name means "Lady of the Great Place." She was stolen away by the Kur and taken to the Underworld, where she became its unwilling queen.

Geshinasnna - ( Geshtinanna) (Demigoddess) Wife of Ninjiczida. Daughter of Enki, she is also Dummuzi's sister. After his death, she visited him in the Underworld with Inanna, and was allowed to take his place there for six months out of the year. Her time in the Underworld and her periodic emergence from it, are link with her divine authority over the autumn vines and wine.

Gula - (Bau, Ninisunna) Goddess of healing. Gula helped breathe life into mankind after the Great Flood. She was described as a great physician of the black-headed people.

Gulu - The ancient name for the Earth Mother Goddess, who was a consort of Ninurta. She was the daughter of Anu and Antu. She is the patroness of herbs, healing, and life.

Inanna - (Ishtar) The Sumerian Goddess of the morning and evening stars. As well as love, war, and fertility. She is the sister to Utu (Shamash) and Adad. She is the daughter of Sin.

Ki - (Ninhursag, Nintu, Ninmah, Nintur, Aruru, Belet-ili, Mami, Ma-ma) The Babylonian Mother Goddess. From her union with Enki came Ninsar, the Goddess of plants. It is by Ninhursag's and Enki's design that humankind was created. She was the original Earth and Mother Goddess. She was the consort of Anu, but was later carried away by Enlil. She is the daughter of Nammu, the Goddess of the Primeval Sea. She played an important role in some of the more important Sumerian-Akkadian myths. Including the creation of mankind, the creation of the universe, and the sumerian paradise myth.

Kishar - Sister and consort of Anshar. Born of the serpents Lakmu and Lakhamu. She is the mother of Anu.

Nammu - (Primeval Sea) Nammu is the sumerian Creation Goddess. She is the goddess who gave birth to the heavens (An) and to the earth (Ki). Nammu's pregnancy is the worlds first documented case of "immaculate conception." She personifies the Apsu, or the sweet fertile waters, as the source of water and therefore fertility. Nammu is the goddess who has the idea of creating mankind as assistance for the gods.

Nana - A virgin Mother Goddess of the Spirit of vegetation and fertility.

Nanshe - (Nanche, Nash) She was the Goddess of springs and waterways, also of morals and ethics.  She was worshipped in Eridu and Lagash. She was responsible for the annual judgement of humankind.

Nidaba - Goddess of writing and accounting, the gold stylus being her trademark. She sat alongside Nanshe every New Year at the judgement of humankind and inscribed the events that took place. She is the patron deity of the "edubba" (palace archives).

Ningal - She is the wife of the Moon God, Nanna. She is the daughter of Enki and Ningikuga. She is the mother of Utu and Inanna. Her name means "Great Lady." Her temple in Ur is the temple E-karzida.

Ninkasi - Goddess of strong drink. She was created by Ninhursag to heal Enki's ailing mouth, after he had eaten her grandchildren in the "Sumerian Paradise myth."

Ningikurra - She was the Goddess of Mountain pastures.

Ninisinna - Patron Goddess of the city of Isin. She is the "hierodule" of An"

Ninkar - Goddess of brewing

Ninkur - She was the daughter of Ninsar. She was the mother of Uttu, the plant goddess.

Ninlil - (Sud) She was known as Enlil's queen or soulmate. Ninlil's mother is Ninshebargunnu, the Goddess of Eresh, an ancient agricultural deity. And her father is Haia, the God of the stores. She is the mother of Ninurta and Nanna.

Ninni - Goddess of fertility and war.

" This life is but one step on the road to Akasha."

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