Mind Meditations

A Short Mind Meditation using the Element of Air

Ground and Center
Expand the cells of the body, becoming more and more diffuse.
Feel yourself floating in the atmosphere, light as thistledown.
Borne along in the currents of air.
Ride the wind.
Become the wind, blowing where it wills.
Look at yourself, invisible, molecules blown by the wind.
Hear the voices of the wind.
What do they say?
Call to the Sylphs.
Ask them what they do.
Where there is air, there is the King of the Sylphs, Paralda.
Ask the Sylphs to help you see him.
Speak with him.
See Nature breathe, every plant, every creature.
Note their relationship.
The air flows everywhere.
The Breath of Life.
Each takes what it needs and returns the residues.
Listen to a songbird.
Hear the vibrant note go forth, borne upon the wind.
Listen to the tempest, shrieking in the branches, wailing through the rocks, sobbing in the power lines.
Whirl with the cyclone, one with it.
Exult with it, spiraling, spiraling into the center, where all is still.
Only your heartbeat is heard and the breath in your nostrils.
The Sylphs tend you too.
Love them, feel them one with you as the power of Life flows through your blood, restoring and cleansing in the changeless rhythm of Change.
Come back slowly
Take time to open your eyes.

Mind Meditation for Emotional Expression and Self Healing

Visualize that you are alone, walking through a flowered filled mountain meadow on a warm summer day.
Soft gray rain clouds drift across the deep blue sky above you.
A gentle breeze is pushing the rain clouds to where you are.
Suddenly the drops start falling slowly from the sky.
You can see them as they splash against the rocks and hear them as they bounce off the petals of the wildflowers all around you.
You lean your head back and open your mouth and feel the drops of rain splash against your tongue and your forehead.
The light drops of rain splashing off your body, make you burst out with laughter and joy.
The warm rain picks up in strength, and then on impulse you decide to go skyclad.
As you dance around in the summer rain, you sense that all of nature is dancing with you to the steady tempo of the falling rain.
You dance in celebration of life and the joys of being connected to the nature of your Self.
You dance to express positive health, and delight with life.
The rain softens and then comes to a stop altogether.
The sun starts to peek out from behind a huge white cloud and the sky is starting to turn blue again.
As the sun starts to peek out, you begin to dance again to celebrate the many hued rainbow that has formed across the sky.
You stop to rest and reflect upon the many hues and colors of the beautiful rainbow that stretches out before you.
As you reflect, you realize that your Self is composed of many different hues and moods, much like the rainbow.
That all of these various hues and moods are necessary to form the single reflection of the Self.
That like the many colors that it takes to form a rainbow, it takes many different aspects to form the Self.
You become one and at peace with yourself as you rest among the wildflowers.
The sun is now shining fully in a deep blue sky.
It is time to return slowly.
Feel the glow of emotional and spiritual health.

A Mind Meditation using the Element of Water

Ground and Center
You are sitting on a rock in the middle of a fast running stream, watching the flickering play of light and shagow of the water as it flows over the pebbles on the stream bed... mesmerizing.
It's hot on the rock and you cool your feet in the water, and then your hands.
The babble of water is in your ears.
You feel yourself slipping into the stream, immersed, part of it.
Borne along by the current, like a drop of water.
Undines are playing about you, fishes awimming through you, grasses and rushes passing the sky above with little fleecy clouds scudding along.
Racing past rocks, eddying into the banks, laughing and chuckling in the shallows, encasing bubbles of air.
Gliding along the bottom, pushing and lifting the sand.
Pouting over the brink of a mighty precipice.
Falling, falling as spray, caught by the air and suspended for a moment, or two, or three, crashing into a deep pool, down, down, darker and darker, caught in a whirlpool, sucked in and down, part of it, spinning around, flung to the surface in churning foam and laughing on your way.
The current, slowing now, passing placid meadows with water birds and insect life, huge trees, casting deep reflections, caught by gentle weirs and sheltering large, fat fish.
Pressure of water pushing you back whence you came.
Conflict of forces, current pushing you down, tide pushing you back, backing you up into a wave and the sudden release as the tide turns and you and the silt go down to the sea together.
Into the sea and out to sea, borne upon the tide, carrying the silt with you.
Serious now, a part of the might of the vast ocean, borne in the crests of the waves, warm in the sun, heated more and more, becoming lighter and lighter, more and more diffuse, until only your essence remains.
Pure water, borne aloft by the hot air, rising as vapour.
Rising, higher and higher, joining your brothers and sisters to form a cloud.
Higher and thicker and darker, a vortex of whirling air and vapou, spinning, clashing, crashing, conducting the electrical power of the energies produced by the movement within as the cloud builds up.
Higher and higher, borne along by the updraught caused by the hot hills.
The lightning plays through you, the thunder crashes around you and you feel yourself cooling in the upper atmosphere, condensing, growing heavy and finally falling, down, down, heavier and heavier, slanted by the wind to land once more on the thirsty earth.
Droplets are falling all around you and you are careening down a steep hillside, faster and faster, more and more of you, forming a runnel of water.
The earth is starting to absorb the water and you feel yourself caught between grains of soil.
Tiny capillaries suck you in and you are drawn deeper and deeper into the bosom of the earth.
It is dark and quiet.
Faint gurgles of absorption are all the sounds there are.
You feel the vibrations of the different particles of earth.
Some are drawn to you, melt into you, salts and acids are part of you and your fellows.
Calcium and limestone join you as you pass, down and down and suddenly you are falling off the end of a stalactite into a large underground lake.
Darkness and quiet surround you, broken only by the occasional drop of water.
Ages pass and the deeps and the silence surround you.
Even the Undines are quiet.
And in the quiet very slowly, formulates a presence that fills all your beings.
The powerof passivity, the power of plasticity, filling all the gaps, eternally shapeshifting in the Cycle of Life.
A droplet or an ocean, all are one in the Power of the Great King Necksa.
You are part of the current of Life, bearing life to all the organisms of earth.
For they are born in you and grow in you.
Without you Death encroaches.
Your presence gives Life and Love and Laughter.
The slow seeping of the lake draws you into a quiet stream that wends its way between the layers of earth until finally it emerges into sunlight and air, high on a mountain others join the stream.
It gains size and pace and the Undines laugh with the movement and the sunlight as they flicker over the stones and past a human sitting on a rock and gazing at them.

The Glade

(A Mind Meditation for grounding and centering)

Written by Crick - June 2004

Find a quiet place to meditate. Next assume a comfortable position, whether this be sitting or standing.  Ground yourself by visualizing your feet extending deep within the ground beneath you. Feel your legs stretch down within the womb of Mother Earth.
Next stretch your arms up to Father Sky. Feel your arms extending endlessly towards the sky above. Feel the connection as you stretch your arms to the waiting grasp of Father Sun above.
Now draw your energy to your navel and feel it as the energy encloses your body like a golden orb of protection. When you are ready, push this energy out through your arms and legs. Feel the sense of well being this creates and absorb this feeling into your memories. 
Now relax and withdraw into your Third-Eye Chakra.
Visualize yourself walking along a hidden path through an ancient and silent forest. As you walk alone amongst the towering trees, you feel a deep sense of old wisdom and experiences past, filling the air around you. Stop and meditate on this and then open up your mind and allow this experience to become one with your inner thoughts.
Take notice of the Crow up above you who is circling and cawing and thus announcing your presence. The Crow is the bird of mystical happenings. You acknowledge that you are a witch and that you have responsibilities to your world. You know that you can connect with energy and that this energy can be manifested into action. You have dedicated yourself as a Stewart of Mother Earth. You seek out the mysteries and the answers to life. You are a spiritual walker. And as such you have a responsibility for your spiritual growth. All of these thoughts you project to the Crow. Allow this feeling of responsibility to fill your soul. Take a few moments and meditate on what these responsibilities mean to you personally.
As you move on, you suddenly notice a small, circular Glade just up ahead. As you near the Glade, you see that it is completely covered with wild flowers. Standing at the edge of the Glade you can see butterflies flitting from one colorful flower to another.
For a moment you become one of the butterflies. Feel the ecstasy of freedom as you spread your delicate wings and gleefully fly through the air. Landing on one flower and than another as you seek out the sweet drink of nectar that is awaiting you. Feel this feeling of freedom as it fills your spirit. Soak in this feeling completely before entering the Glade.
As you enter the Glade you walk to the very center, there you find a small mound of dirt covered with grass. You stand atop this mound and look around at the trees that are gathered about you. You become aware of the presence of the woodland spirits moving about in the surrounding woods. Feel their intense energy and profound feelings of love. They see you as witch, guardian and caretaker of the forest. Become one with their spiritual vibrations of love as they form a sacred circle around you and the Glade. Allow these warm, intense feelings of love to overwhelm you with their power. And absorb as much of this power as you can, into your awaiting heart. For in your heart it shall always be a part of you. A constant reminder, that we are connected with all life.
Next notice the gentle wind passing by as it caresses your face with gentle wisps of air. Become one with the wind and feel yourself bouncing along as you tickle the leaves of the trees. Feel the freedom of body and spirit as you wend your way here and there. Carefree and full of life, you are one with Spirit. For as Wind, you have no form but that of the silent energy that chooses its own invisible path. Allow this feeling to become one with you. Feel the determined, yet gentle, compromising way that Wind achieves its goals. Embrace this lesson as your own.
Return to the Glade and take notice of the multi-hued flowers. Feel their strong sense of community. Notice that the Glade is blessed with flowers of all different shapes and colors of flowers. As you take in the pleasant aroma of the flowers, you suddenly realize that it is this mixture of colors, shapes and so forth that make the Glade so beautiful. Deep in your heart you know that all are brothers and sisters in this realm. And that it is this mixture that creates such beauty. Meditate on the values of community for a few moments and allow these thoughts to become one with your mind.
And finally you become aware of the warm rays of energy showering down upon you from Father Sun above. You feel yourself smile, secure in his presence. You find yourself doing a small dance in honor of your Father and Mother. When you are done dancing you stretch your arms to the sky and give homage for the many gifts that were given this journey. You reach down and touch Mother Earth, giving back some of the love that She so freely casts about. You smile and dance yet some more, filled with feelings of joy and gratitude. You stop and take a moment to reflect on the values of joy and gratitude within your life. And you meditate on how these values may enhance your life.
It is now time to leave the Glade. And so you walk back to the edge where you entered and looking around one last time, you notice that a part of your essence has remained in the Glade. Deep down within your spirit, you know that there will always be a connection between you and the lessons of the Glade. Start walking down the path through the forest and slowly return to the present…

Father Oak Ritual

(Written by Crick, Beltain 2004)

The purpose of this ritual is to connect with the Dryad contained within the Oak tree. The Oak tree is known as the tree of Wisdom. And within every tree on Mother Earth there is a spirit that connects with and protects the particular tree that they inhabit. We know these spirits as Dryads.

To begin, find a place of solitude next to an Oak tree.

Seat yourself next to the Oak tree and place your hands on either side of the tree. Clear your mind of all thoughts and allow yourself to travel to that quiet place within your minds eye. That place we know as the Third Eye Chakra.

Visualize yourself as an acorn hanging from the limb of a towering Oak tree. This acorn represents your spirit prior to entering the physical realm. Feel the warmth in the breath of the Goddess as she breathes a gentle breeze through the leaves of the father Oak Tree. Feel the essence of your spirit as you prepare to enter the physical realm in order to begin your lessons of life.
Suddenly the acorn breaks free from the branch and spirals down towards Mother Earth. As you soar down to the awaiting ground, feel all of your energies gathering together within the acorn. These energies are the life force that will carry you through the physical realm. As you alight upon the ground, feel the love and tenderness of Mother Earth as she pulls you down into the safety her womb. You are about to make the transition from spirit to physical realm. Have confidence in Spirit for the experience that is about to unfold. Know that this is a necessary step for inner growth. Welcome this opportunity with a quiet sense of honor and respect.

Next visualize yourself as a young sapling breaking free of the womb. This is your infant stage, your first awakening in the physical realm of this life. Feel the warm rays of Father Sun as they shine down upon you, giving you the strength to grow. Feel the soft touch of Mother Moon as she caresses you with her soft, silvery rays.  Soak up the drops of crystal clear dew that give you sustenance. Know in your heart that you are now ready to begin your life lessons. Know that that the God and Goddess are with you as you reach for the skies above. Prepare to venture forth into life, with an open heart and pureness of love. At this point there are no preconceptions, only an eagerness to learn.

Now visualize yourself as a young oak tree with your roots firmly planted in the reaches of Mother Earth. This is your youth stage. Listen to the song of the birds as they flit about your limbs. For their songs will convey a hidden message to you. Watch the squirrels at play and learn the value of family and interaction with others. Observe sister deer as she walks with gentle alertness through the woods. Smile at brother bear as he lumbers along with strength and purpose. Give heed to Hawk as he shrieks his joy of freedom and love of life. Give silent thanks for these lessons. At this point you are being given the first steps towards knowledge and wisdom. Proceed with an open mind and a willingness to make and learn from your mistakes. Stride forth with confidence and strength of your will.

Visualize yourself as a solid oak tree. This is your adult stage. Your roots now run deep within the folds of Mother Earth. Your limbs stretch up to Father Sun. You now provide security and strength to those around you. You provide a secure roost for the birds of the sky. You have ventured forth through this realm and have gained knowledge from your life experiences. You are prepared to set a firm example for those that follow. The learning continues but you now have a foundation of wisdom to offer to others. You are a towering example of truth, honesty, and inner strength. As you continue to walk this realm you do so with a humble sense of purpose.

Finally visualize yourself as an old oak tree covered with moss. This is your elder stage. Look out upon your ancient limbs and see the acorns dangling from their stems. You are one with spirit. You have ventured through the stages of the physical realm. You have encountered mistakes as you walked this realm. And you have opened your heart and mind and learned the inherent lessons that these experiences offered. You have gained the knowledge and wisdom that will start you out on the next step of your spiritual growth. You give thanks to Spirit for the many trials and tribulations that have brought you to this stage. It has been a long path to follow, yet you realize that it is but one step on the road to becoming one with Akasha. You feel the blessings that have been offered and accepted. And then you look out upon your old and twisted limbs and watch as an acorn breaks free and spirals to the waiting womb of Mother Earth.

Now that you have experienced the stage of life that Father Oak has offered to you, once again clear your minds eye. Allow this space in your Third eye to become as silent as a silent pond. Send out a polite request to the Dryad inhabiting this oak tree to send you a message. Allow this message to form of its own free will upon your pond. If you have learned the lessons of the oak tree and you have been respectful to the protective Dryad, a gift of knowledge will be given to you. This may be in the form of pictures or silent words. Once you have received this gift, very slowly return to the physical realm from whence you have started your journey. Remove your hands from the oak tree and give your heartfelt thanks.

Look around you, is there an acorn lying near by? If so plant this acorn within the womb of Mother Nature. By doing so, you have given thanks for the gifts you have received. And you have started the next cycle of life in this realm.

Go in peace and share your gifts with those who are ready to accept them. Walk this path with a humble sense of responsibility. Continue your inner growth regardless of how difficult the life lesson may seem to be. And most of all, give thanks each day for the many blessings that you are given, though they may not always be in plain sight. The love that deity gives to us is never further than our hearts.

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