Healing Sounds or Intoning

Intoning or using sounds to affect our health and our Chakras is an art that has been in use for centuries. The better known practitioners of this discipline are the Celtic Druids, Hindu mystics, and the Tibetan monks. Though there are many more groups that use this art.

To excel at this art, one must first become proficient at two basic yoga breathing exercises.
The first exercise is for the intoning itself.

To begin, slowly breathe in for a count of ten.
Hold your breathe for a count of ten.
And then slowly exhale for a count of ten.
As you practice, gradually add more time to each step in increments of five.

The second exercise is for proper breathing when intoning.

Breathe in slowly and deeply until the stomach muscles are completely stretched.
Exhale slowly and completely, emptying out the lungs.

When doing these exercises, sets of seven to nine each, are suggested.

Chakra Alignment

Chakras are the orbs or points of psychic energy that keeps our psychic and physical bodies in alignment. When our chakras are adversley affected, they become unaligned. This can result in physical and spiritual illness. The following sounds are beneficial in realigning our chakras:

Root Chakra ( Muladhra ) "uh" as in huh.

Sacral Chakra ( Swadhisthana ) "oo" as in cool.

Solar Plexus Chakra ( Manipura ) "oh" as in mow.

Heart Chakra ( Anahata ) "ah" as in rah.

Throat Chakra ( Vissudha ) "I" as in pie

Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna ) "A" as in may

Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara ) "ee as in keel

Once Again, repeating these sounds seven to nine times as a mantra is beneficial.

Some other healing sounds are:

a as in ma - alleviates depression

mm as in dim - establishes balance

om as in tom - spiritual oness

e as in kneel - stimulates the pineal gland, raises energy

e as in episode - stimuates the thyroid gland, increases hormones and metabolism

oo as in cool - affects the spleen and kidneys, white blood cells

shh as it sounds - peace and harmony, affects the liver

eh as in say - this sound affects the lungs

aw as in saw - this affects the heart

oh as in so - this sound is for openess, affects the spleen

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