Herbal Beauty recipes

This is a section on various herbal recipes that can be used to enhance our appearances. With your help, we hope to see this section, grow and expand.
If you have an herbal recipe that you would like to share with your pagan brethren as well as other visitors; then please send it to us along with your name so that we can list it here and  give you the proper credit.
Please let us know which category you would like to be placed in.

Feel free to suggest a new category.

As always when using herbs, we do not encourage or advocate the use of said herbs. This is a personal decision that each viewer must make for themselves.

Face Masks                                                                Bath Bombs                                                     Bath Beads     Avacado Face Mask                                                      Herbal Bomb                                                            Bath Beads
Firming Face Mask                                                       Bath Bomb #2
Facial Toner                                                                   Herbal Bath Ball
Moisture Mask                                                             

Bath Lotions                                                 Skin Creams                                    Herbal Mouth wash Goddess Milk & Honey                                                Smoothing Skin lotion                                            Rose-Mary Mint
Comfrey and Calendual                                                 Soft Skin Lotion                                                       Spearmint
Fields of Gold (skin softening)                                      Cucumber & Yarrow (oily skin)
Tropical Dream bubble bath                                          Hand lotion

Hair Related                                                  Herbal Bath Soaps                                Wrinkle Related
Herbal Shampoo                                                             Easy Fragranced Soap                                     Anti-Wrinkle Cream Hair conditioner                                                              Honey Cleansing Scrub
Chokeberry Rinse                                                          Cinnamon Soap
Soapwort Shampoo

Herbal Baths                                             Herbal Soaps: Basic equipment, Preparation, Lye/fat Conversion    Goddess Milk and Honey bath                                                                                                                    Chart, Recipes   
Fields of Gold (Skin softening bath)
Tropical Dream bubble bath

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