Pagan Glossary - M to Z

" Wisdom is knowledge gained "

Mabon - A wiccan sabbbat celebrated about Sept. 20th Autumn equinox.

Magick - The manipulation of the energy or power that is all around us.

Meditation - The discipline of entering one's inner self.

Megalith - A large stone monument (Stonehenge).

Menhir - A standing stone engraved with symbols, often used to mark the covenstead.

Mentor - An elder or magickal peer that offers advice or guidance.

Midsummer - A pagan sabbat celebrated about June 21st. Summer solstice.

Old Ones, The - God and Goddess

Ostara - A pagan sabbat celebrated about Mar. 21st. Spring equinox.

Pagan - Country dweller, followers of polytheistic religions.

Pantheism - The belief in more than one deity.

Pendulum - A crystal or other object attached to a string, chain ect. and used for divination.

Pentacle - A round piece of wood, clay, pottery ect. upon which a five pointed star is engraved. Often used for grounding purposes.

Polarity-The concept of opposite, yet equal forces or energy (yin-yang)

Prana - Life energy

Projective hand - This is a persons dominate hand.

Receptive hand - Opposite hand from the dominate one.

Reincarnation - The belief of rebirth.

Ritual - A religious ceremony.

Runes - Nordic or germanic pictographs. Often used in divination.

Sabbat - A wiccan religious day.

Samhain - A pagan sabbat celebrated on Oct. 31st. A time when the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest.

Sands of Time - The sand taken from between the paws of the Great Sphinx in Egypt.

Scry - To gaze into an object for the purpose of divination.

Shaman - A spiritual healer, a walker between the worlds.

Shields - Spiritual barriers erected around yourself or your space.

Sigil - A talisman inscribed on paper or various metals.

Simple Feast, The - A meal shared in honor of the God and Goddess.

Skyclad - Performing ritual in the nude.

Solitaire - A witch who practices alone.

So Mote it Be - A closing phrase, " It must be so", " So shall it be".

Spell - Casting of energy to obtain a specific purpose.

Summerlands - The place where the spirit goes to rest before reincarnating or becoming one with spirit. ( Tir-na-Nog)

Talisman - An object infused with energy in order to attract a specific energy (love,money, ect.).

Third-eye - The psychic eye located in the middle of the forehead.

Three Fold Law - The reasoning that what goes out will be returned three times as strong.

Visualization - The forming of mental images.

Warlock - A person who has broken their oath, oathbreaker. (not a male witch)

Watchtowers - Another name for the four cardinal elements.

Wheel of the Year - The turning of the seasons.

Wicca - A pagan religion, the religious aspect of witchcraft.

Wiccaning - The blessing of a child.

Wiccan Rede - A set of rules which sums up as; An it harm none, do as thou will.

Wiccan trilogy - Maiden, Mother, and Crone, the three aspects of the Goddess.

Widdershins - Counterclockwise motion.

Witch - A practitioner of folk magic

Witchcraft - The manipulation of energy to obtain a specific goal. The use of various objects (crystals, herbs, stones ect. to enhance one's goals)

Yule - A pagan sabbat celebrated about Dec. 21st. Winter solstice.

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