Pagan Glossary

Because of the very nature of this section, this will be an on going project. If there is a word and definition that you would like to see included here, then please e-mail it to us. Because of the size of this site and the limited humanpower, we will be adding new words as we get the chance. What you don't see here today, may well be included tomorrow.
Aicme - A group of five Oghams

Aine - Celtic Goddess of the moon, crops, and cattle.

Aisling - A dream vision

Akasha - Spirit, the Fifth element, out of spirit came the four elements,Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Represents the energy that permeates the universe.

Alban Arthurian - Winter Solstice

Alban Eiler - Spring Equinox

Alban Elved - Autumn Equinox

Alban Heruin - Summer Solstice

Amulet - A magically charged object generally used for protection.

An - da - shealladh - The ability to see spirits. Called the second sight

Animism - The belief that all objects have a spirit.

Ankh - An ancient Egyptian symbol of Life. Represents the union between man and woman. Key of the Nile.

Arawn - Celtic God of the Underworld.

Asperger - A bundle of fresh herbs used to sprinkle purifying water around the circle.

Astral plane - A plane parallel to the physical world, travelled through by the astral body during projection.

Athame (ath-a-may) A double edged knife used for directing energy. A tool representing the God

Aura - Layers of energy that emanates from all objects.

Balefire - An outdoor ritual fire.

Bane - An evil omen

Beithe Luis Nion - Old Irish name of the Celtic Tree Ogham.

Beltain - The second most important sabbat. One of the eight sabbats. A fertilitiy ritual. The marriage between the God and Goddess. Occurs on May 1st.

Besom - A magickally charged broom generally used to sweep away negative energies. Also used for house protection.

Blessed Be - A term derived from the Five-Fold kiss.

Bodhran - A drum

Bolline - A curved knife used for inscibing, cutting herbs and such.

Book of Shadows - A book used to keep rituals, spells, invocations and such, within.

Brehon Laws - Old Irish laws governing all aspects of life.

Brighid - Triple aspect Goddess. Goddess of smithcraft, poetry, inspiration, and health.

Bruha/Bruho - Spanish name for witch.

Burning Times - A period of world history when Catholics tortured and murdered an estimated nine million pagans over their non-catholic beliefs.

Censor - An incense burner, represents the Air element.

Centering - Grounding your energy through meditation.

Cernunnos - Horned God.

Cerridwen - Celtic Goddess of Grain.

Chalice - A ritual drinking cup representitive of the Goddess. Also represents the element of Water.

Circle - A sphere of energy cast in a circle and used during ritual for both protection and to maintain energy within.

Coelbrini - Divination sticks

Correspondances - Material used in magick which refers to their specific goal.

Cowan - A deragatory name for a non-witch.

Cone of Power - Energy or power that is raised and directed by a coven.

Corn dolly - A human shaped figure made from various grains. A type of poppet.

Coven - A group or family of witches.

Covenstead - An area of power/energy where the coven meets.

Craebh Ciuil - Faery Shaman's magick wand

Crane Bag - A bag used by Shamans to hold various objects (totems, crystals ect.).

Crone - One of the three aspects of the wiccan trinity. The Goddess in Her wise aspect.

Croning - A ceremony to mark a womans transition from Mother to Crone.

Cross-Quarter days - The four fire festivals; Samhain, Imbolc, Beltain, and Lammas.

Crystallomancy - Divination using crystals.

Dedicant - An apprentice witch.

Deosil - Clockwise movement

Divination - The art of seeing the unknown through the use of various instruments and methods.

Drawing down the Moon - Invoking and directing the spirit  of the Goddess into the High Priestess.

Druid - A Celtic mystical order

Earth magick - A practical form of magick which involves drawing energy from Mother Earth.

Elder - A degreed and respected witch in the coven, Teacher.

Elements - Earth, Air, Fire,Water and Spirit. The essential energies of the universe.

Empower - To transform energy into an object.

Esbat - A full moon or new moon celebration.

Evocation - The act of calling up spirits.

Faeries - The Wee Folk

Familiar - A witch's pet that has the ability to communicate with it's owner.

Fey - spiritual beings (faeries, divas and such)

Five Chinese elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, water.

Five-Fold kiss - A ritual kiss; both feet, both knees, the womb, both breasts, and the lips.

Gardnerian - The style of witchcraft started by Gerald Gardner.

Geomancy - Earth divination

Glamour - A magickal disguise or illusion projected through shields.

Grounding - Sending excessive energy generated during a ritual into the earth.

Gnomes - Earth spirits

God voice - Building up force and intoning a word or sound from deep within.

Green Man - The Celtic God, Cernunnos. God of the woodlands and fertility.

Grimoire - A book of magickal information and observations.

Handfasting - A pagan wedding.

Handparting - A break up or divorce of a handfasted couple.

Hedgewitch - A witch who follows a shamanistic path.

High Priest - The male leader (usually 3rd. degree) of a coven.

High Priestess - The female leader (usually 3rd. degree) of a coven.

I Ching - A chinese form of divination through the use of hexagrams.

Imbolc - A pagan sabbat occuring around Feb.1st. A fire festival. Also known as Candlemas.

Invocation - An appeal to the Deities to connect with us in our rites.

Labrys - A double-headed axe which is used by some to symbolize the Goddess.

Libation - An offering left for the spirits and wee folk. A symbolic sacrifice to deity.

Lord and Lady - God and Goddess.

Lughnasadh - A wiccan sabbat occuring around Aug.1st. The first harvest. Named for the Celtic God "Lugh".

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