Faery Consecration Rite

This ritual is best done by ones self in a place of quite and solitude.
  Go to the place you have chosen and spend some time in quiet contemplation of that whic h you wish to accomplish.

Think over all aspects of your problem.

After you are sure of your purpose and have a specific objective, say:

" Cool Sky Faery,

Warm Sun Sprite,

Lake Nixies,

River Spirits,

Far Land Pixies,

Great Mountain Elves,

I ask of your witness to my Rite.

Look to the Sky and say:

" Light Lord and Silver Huntress of the Faeries,

Horned Hunter and Earth Lady of the Faeries,

Dark Lord and Dark Empress of the Faeries,

Look Favorably on that which I do here,

grant my petitions if they harm no one,

carry my wishes to the Faery Gods,

that I may ever be your friend and companion. "

Bring forth the talisman, or if you desire to make it, now is the time to do so.
If you wish, it is traditional to place the runes or symbols on one side and your magickal name on the other side.
Most importantly, do what feels magickal to you.

When your talisman is ready, sprinkle it with water and hold it up to the sky, saying:

"Faeries of the Sky, Sun, Water, and Land,

Mark well what I have done here,

Under the eyes of the Spirits of the Other Realms,

I call upon the Powers to work for me,

To bring to pass that which I have symbolized,

with this Energized Talisman. "

State in your own words that which you wish to accomplish, it is vital that it is from the heart, not written. Then state:

" High Ones of the Land and Sea,

Blessed Ones of the Nemeton and Grove,

You have heard that which is my need,

And my desire.

I petition your powers that this be done..

May the energies of the Skies, Sun, Water, and Land,

Work as symbolic guides for as long as is needed,

until all is accomplished. "

If you feel it is proper to make any special vow before the Faeries, any promise that you will make or price that you will pay for accomplishment of your need, then now is the time to specify it before Nature and the Divine Lords and Ladies.

Then close by saying:

" Great Gods and Goddesses of the Fey,

Grant, I ask, that which I have requested,

that my powers may be increased,

and so yours as well, upon this Earth. "

Salute the Mighty Ones and in your own way depart.

The talisman should be worn or kept on your person.

When at sleep it should be next to you.

For as long as you use the talisman, it is well to recharge and renew it using this latter invocation and holding it up to the light of each Full Moon and by cleansing it each Dark Moon.

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