Faery Rite to Banish Energy

This rite is useful for eliminating negative influences in your life.

Cast the Circle.
Call friendly Faeries, and/or Fey elementals to join you.
Be sure to offer any spirits called from the Other World, food, drink, stones, ect.
Call on the directional quarters or runic powers, and light a candle to them.

Your first task in this technique is to identify the negativity.

State that you wish to draw the negative influence out of your life and say it bravely and loudly as if addressing the negativity itself.

Show no fear on which the unwanted energy might be able to feed.

The second step is to build up an image which represents what you have identified.
Visualize a symbol of the negative influence forming before you.
This can be of any form although itshoul preferably be capable of life ( i.e. a viper as opposed to a blade).

The third part is to destroy (banish) this astral entity.

Use a visualization to aid in banishment.

Point at the imagined negativity and project a bright blue pentagram at the figure from your fingers and shout, " negative image be gone! "

This shout should cause the visualization to dissolve or be destroyed.

Or visualize a vivid astral weapon of some sort, point the astral weapon at the figure and say:

" By the power and energy of the Lord and Lady of the Fey,

I command you, negative energy to vanish, depart, disappear.

You are banished forever and may not return. "

A bolt of Colorful Energy is emitted from the tip of the astral weapon and surrounds the image with Vivid Electric Energy.

It is destroyed and it dissipates.

Allow the weapon to dissolve back into the Astral Plane.
Feel the negative influence gone.
Do a Relaxation\Meditation Rite.


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