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I would like to dedicate this section to my Grandmother Ina.

Her spirit now resides in the summerlands. But when she was traveling this plane, she did so as a Celtic witch. My grandmother was the single, most influential person in guiding me along the pagan path. My very first lesson in herbs, and candle ritual, came from her. She was gifted with the second sight (An-da-shealladh), often conversing with spirits. I have very fond memories of her shooing wee folk out of her way as she moved around the kitchen and dining room. And as a Celtic witch, yes I believe in the sidhe.    

" Crickjumper "

The sidhe come in various shapes and sizes. And go by many different names. They have been with us since the beginning of time and are located around the world. I have attempted to put together a listing of the various faeries, elves, brownies, gnomes and so forth. As always, this list is not inclusive, but I hope it will be of some assistance.

World Wide Listing

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Some Faery Associations

" Remember When doing outside rituals to leave a libation for the wee folk. Milk and bread or cookies is fine. "

The Irish made knifes of flint to protect against mischievious faeries.

Iron protects against all types of Faeries.

It is said that if you find a grove of Oak, Ash, and Mistletoe, that you will enconter faeries.

Cats are a mortal enemy of all small faeries.

Stroke - actually has its roots in faerie superstition, shortened from "faerie stroke" or "elf stroke." It comes from an elf who strikes a human, then invisibly carried them off while a stock kept their place.

Cramps - punishment for annoying faeries

Unexplained bruises - caused by pinching faeries

Probably the most well known place to find the Fae Folk is within a natural mushroom ring at sunset or full moonlight.

It is said that a one can simply look through a stone with an opening, or a hole. This is called a Faery stone. They are usually found near running water or by the sea.

Incantation to see Faeries

Find a quiet place in a field or the woods where there are fireflies present. Spread your arms and say:

"Fireflies come dance with me

Fireflies come be with me

Oh Great Mother with us tonight

With ( your name) and the Faery Folk

Fireflies show your true self

Do not fear me for I am (your name)

Your friend, Your sister/brother

Invite me into your world to dance"

Start a dance from the heart and chant:

" Fireflies, Faery Folk, Oh Great Mother

Come dance with me, Be with me

Faery Folk show your true self to me

I will protect you tonight as we dance"

Dance the dance of the Faery Folk

Repeat the chant five times, ( the number five is sacred to faeries ) at which time the faeries should appear. Interact with them and when you are done;

Begin the chant to end the dance:

"Faery Folk, Fire Flies. Oh Great Mother

Faery Folk, I (your name) leave you now

Go back to hide from where you came

Be not sad, or cry or weep

For I (your name) will return

To dance the Dance of the Faery Folk

Peace be with you. Blessed Be."

Some of the herbs to be used as protection against faeries are:

Black pepper, tomatoes, mistletoe, sandalwood, wintergreen, bay, garlic, rosemary, witch hazel, St Johns Wort, spearmint, and blackberry.

To attract faeries, try planting the following plants:

Common Yarrow, New York Aster, Shasta Daisy, Coreopsis, French Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Butterfly Bush, Summer Lilac, Shrubby Cinquefoil, Petunias, Vervain, Pincushion flowers, Cosmos, Common Zinnia.

Faery Flora & Trees

Faery Rituals

Calling the Faery Gods & Goddesses

Faery Consecration Rite

Faery Quest to Regain Balance

Faery Rite to Banish Energy

Gaelic Alphabet - This is the alphabet used by those of the Faery Witchcraft path.

Letter            Gaelic name                Association

A                    Fhalm                          Elm
B                    Beath                          Birch
C                    Calltuinn                     Hazel
D                    Doir                            Oak
E                    Eubh                            Aspen
F                    Fearn                           Alder
G                   Gart                             Garden
I                     Iubhar                         Yew
L                    Luis                             Rowan
M                  Muin                            Vine
N                   Nuin                             Ash
O                   Oir                               Furze
P                    Beith-bhog                  Popular
R                   Ruis                             Alder
S                    Suil                              Willow
T                    Teine                           Fire
U                    Uhr                              Yew

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