Faery - Flora and Fauna

This is a partial list  of some of the flora and fauna that have connections to the Fair Folk.

Alder - This tree is protected by the water spirits.

Apple - To ensure a good harvest the following year, leave the last apple of the current harvest for the Apple Tree man.

Birch - If the spirit of the Birch tree (called the One ith the White Hand) touches someone on the head, and it leaves a white marnk, then that person will go insane. If this spirit touches the heart, then that person will die.

Blackthorn - The blackthorn is protected by the Lunantishee.

Clover - A four leaf clover is used to break a faeries spell.

Bluebell - It is said that if one hears a bluebell ring, that person will soon die. A field of bluebells  is considered woven with faery enchantments and is thus dangerous to the unwary traveler.

Cowslips - They help to find hidden faery gold. They are loved and protected by the faeries.

Elder - It is thought that a witch sometimes diguises themselves as a Elder tree.

Foxglove - The name is derived from " little folks, glove". The florets are worn by faeries as hats and gloves.

Oak - Faerie Folks are said to live in old oaks. This is why the druids has such a high respect for the oaks. They contain faerie magic! The fruit of the oak tree, acorns, can be made into faerie talismans if found and gathered by
the light of the full moon

Pansies - This flower was thought to have been used by the faery king, Oberon, to make a love potion.

Primroses - These make the invisible, visible. It is thought that if one touches a faery rock with the correct number of primroses in a posy, that the way to faery land and faery gold, is opened. But using the wrong number will result in doom.

                                  Ragwort - Used as makeshift mounts, by the Wee Folk.

St. Johns Wort - Used as a protection against faeries.

Toadstools - Considered to be the food of the Gods. Some of the toadstools favored by faeries are Dune Pixie, Hood, Slender Elf Cap, Fly Agaric, Dryad's Saddle, and Yellow Fairy Club.

Wild Thyme - One of the ingredients used to make a brew to see faeries. Must be collected near the side of a

Willow - It is said that at night, the Willow uproots itself and stalks unwary travelers, muttering at them.

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