Faeries from around the World

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Phookas - Ireland.  These faeries have the body of horses and the head of a man. Their demeanor ranges from quarrelsome to outright mean. Their favorite sport is creating havoc, destroying crops, stealing and killing livestock.

Pillywiggins - England.  These tiny faeries are tenders of wildflowers. Occasionally they are seen riding on the backs of bees. They tend to stay to themselves.

Pixies - Scotland.  These faeries are also very tiny with wings on their backs. They have pointed ears and their wings are transcluent. They are known to love flowers. They are amiable towards humans.

Portunes - England.  These dimunitive faerys ( up to an inch tall ) look like tiny old men. And like the leprechaun, they also guard a treasure and will grant a wish if caught. They are very wily and love to play harmless tricks or pranks.

Red Cap (The) Scotland.  This faery looks like an old man. He hides in old castle ruins. His red cap is said to have been made from human blood. He carries a wooden scythe that he uses to kill with. He is very cannabilistic with a mean streak for everything living.

Selkies - Scotland.  These scottish faeries appear as seals with human features. They are able to shapeshift into human form when they so desire. And on occasion mate with humans.

Sylphs - Greece.  These are tiny winged faeries. Their bodies are humanoid in shape and transcluent. They are benevolent towards humans.

Sylvans - Greece.  They are wood faeries. Very beautiful, but also very dangerous. They like to lure humans into the woods where they met with an untimely death.

Tomtra - Finland.  This is a male brownie. He usually wears brown clothing and a green cap. He likes to share a home with humans, but he can be quite demanding and somewhat a bother.

Trolls - Germany.  Trolls appear as very ugly humans and are very hairy. They come in different sizes and are very bullyish. They don't eat human flesh, but are carnivorous. They come out only at night for hunting and trouble making. They are somewhat stupid and inept.

Tuatha De Danann - Ireland.  These faeries were one of the early conquerers of Ireland, having defeated the Formosians. They were later defeated by the Milesians and driven underground. They are considered as warrior like trooping faeries. They appear as small humans in stature.

Undines - Greece.  These are water faeries. They appear as seahorses with human facial features. they are friendly towards humans.

Vasily - Russia.  These faeries are dwarfs that live in barns. Their greatest love in life is caring for horses. They seem quite indifferent and standoffish towards humans.

Yumboes - West Africa.  These faeries are about two feet tall with light skin and silver hair. They live in subterranean caves. And are reported to be quite the hosts when entertaining human guests.

Zips - Mexico.  These are tiny male faeries. They usually wear a cap or helmet and carry a small spear. They look after herds of deer. And tend to be reclusive when it comes to human contact.

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