Faeries from around the World

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Hobgoblins - worldwide.  These mean hearted fareies have many appearances as they are noted shapeshifters. They like to invade ones home and cause great discomfort to the residents.

Huldrafolk - Scandinavia (hidden folk). These are dark elves that live in caves. They dislike humans a great deal. When encountering humans they inflict horrible deformities on the unlucky person who happens to run into them.

Illes - Sandinavia.  These are nocturnal trolls who live underground. They are very hairy and dark colored. They attempt to lure humans into their lairs by shapeshifting into an attractive person. Once there, the victim dies.

Jinn - Saudi Arabia.  This is the spirit known as the Genie which lives in a bottle. When the bottle is rubbed, the genie appears, ready to grant one's wishes.

Kelpies - Scotland.  These cannabilistic faeries have limited shapeshifting ability. They generally appear as small round faeries with pointed ears and sharp teeth. They can also appear as seahorses who, when they were out in the water, would drown their unsuspecting riders.

Knockers - Cornwall.  These faeries are dwarves who live in caves and mines. They have a habit of making a knocking sound to direct miners of where to dig. They also use frantic knocking to alert miners of danger.

Korreds - Brittany.  These male elves are the guardians of the standing stones. They have large heads with large facial features. their bodies are hairy with very thin legs and arms. They seem to take great joy in frightening humans away from the stones.

Leprechauns - Ireland.  This male faery is well known for his green clothes and green tri cornered hat. He is famous for his pot of gold and three wishes, which one can have if they can outwit this wily faery. Music, dancing and drinking seem to be his favorite pastimes.

Lorelei - Europe.  This female faery, appears as a beautiful young woman. She sits on the sea cliffs. As a ship goes by, she starts singing and lures the ship and its sailors to their death at the foot of the cliffs.

Menehunas - Polynesia.  These elves are similar to the leprechauns in that they also gaurd a potof gold and will grant wishes if caught. They are benevolent to humans in need of help.

Mermaids (Mermen) - Worldwide.  Easily recoginized as having the lower bodies of fish and the upper bodies of humans. They are very friendly and helpful to humans.

Moss People - Central Europe.  These tiny faeries have human bodies with wings attached. At first glance they appear to be butterflies. They live in deep woodlands. And are very shy, preferring to keep to themselves.

Neck - Scandinavia.  These faeries are water sprites. They love to sing and play the harp. They also induce humans into the water where they end up drowning.

Nucklelavees - Scotland.  These are sea faeries that are large and extremely ugly. They emit an odor of rotten eggs.They are inadequate shapeshifters, always appearing as grotesque beings.
They are very meaned tempered and attack both humans and other faeries.

Nunnehi - North America.  These elves are sacred to the cherokees. It is said that they live in underground towns. And assist the indians in their times of need.

Nymphs - Greece.  These small and beautiful female faeries are of many types. They can be water nymphs, wood nymphs, sea nymphs ect. They are well known for their sexual prowress. The Greek God Pan, was known to be a frequent visitor among the various nympths.

Oakmen (The) Germany.  These are male dwarves who guard groves of the sacred oak. They are somewhat surly towards humans and best left alone.

Ogres - Worldwide.  These faeries are generally the size of humans, but grostesque in appearance. They are generally very stupid with a barbaric attitude. They do not like humans or any other creatures for that mattter. They are cannibals and will eat human flesh.

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