Faeries from around the World

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Cailleac Bhuer - Scotland.  This solitary faery is said to travel at night. She is depicted as an old
woman in black rags who travels about with a staff and a carrion crow on her left shoulder. The word
Cailleac means "old woman". She is said to have a bad temper and to be dangerous to humans.

Clurichauns - This Irish faery is the inhabitant and self appointed guardian of wine cellars. He closely resembles the leprechaun in appearance, and wears a large red hat. More often then not, he can be found intoxicated but almost always cheerful. If riled, he can become mischievious.

Devas - Persia.  These nature faeries are generally seen as bright orbs of light. And while shy by nature, they are friendly to humans.

Dinnshenchas - The patron Goddess of these Irish dwarf faeries is "Aine". It is said that they are the protectors of women who have been wronged and of cattle.

Drakes - England.  These faeries have no form that is visible to the human eye. But they do have a smell of rotten eggs. In spite of their smell, they are considered to be good natured and friendly to humans. They are considered to be house faeries.

Dryads - These celtic faeries are said to dwell in trees, in particular, willow trees. They are also called wood nymphs. And are very playful in attitude.

Duendes - This hispanic faery is described as being a small middle-aged woman in green robes. She totally hates humans and will do anything she can to cause harm and destruction.

Ellyllons - The patron Goddess of these faeries is "Mab". They are land faeries who ride around in eggshells. It is said that their favorite food is toadstools. They seem to be indifferent to humans.

Elves - These faeries are known around the world. They are known for their sewing and archery skills. Their worst enemy is the cat. Light elves or trooping elves are favourable towards humans, while dark elves are very dangerous to humans. Their dress, shape and size varies from country to country.

Fachan (The) - These faeries are known for their nasty tempers. They have but one of everything, one head, ear, eye, nose, leg and so on. They carry a spiked club which they use to drive people away from them.

Fays - In Albania, these tiny, winged faeries are nature spirits. They love to tease and play jokes, but are never mean.

Formorians - At one time they were a race of faeries who ruled over Ireland. Then they were defeated by the Tuatha De Danann, who drove them into the sea. After a period of time thay evolved into hideous sea monsters. They have a very nasty temperment towards humans.

Fossegrin - Norway.  These faeries are shaped like small, young adult humans. Their main purpose is as guardians of waterfalls. They love to sing and play the harp.

Gandharvas - India.  These are musically talented faeries that live in underground caves  in India.They are small as faeries go and quite shy.

Ghillie Dhu - Scotland.  The name means"dark shoe". These faeries are tree spirits with a preference for birch trees. They do not care for humans.

Gnomes - Worldwide.  These faeries have many different names depending on which part of the world you happen to be in. They are generally about a foot tall and live to be about a thousand years old. They are dwarf-like in that they have misshapen bodies The males usually have a long bushy beard. They wear pointed red hats and usually green or blue clothing. The name "gnome" came from the scholar "Paracelcus". They protect and heal wildlife. They live underground and in the roots of old oak trees. They are friendly towards humans.

Grant (The) - England.  This english faery appears as a small misshapen horse that walks on his hind legs. He attaches himself to a particular village and warns the inhabitants of impending trouble or danger.

Gremlin - Germany.  They come in various sizes, are generally dark brown and hairy all over. They have pointed ears and an evil grimace. They are very strong and very dangerous to humans.

Gwragedd Annwn - Wales.  These female faeries are water faeries. They have beautiful appearances and blonde hair. They are especially friendly to women and children. They live in high mountain lakes.

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