The Dwarves
Ai - A Dwarf from the race of Lovar.

Alfrik - An artistic Dwarf, a son of Mimir . With Berling, Dvalin, and Grer, he forged Freya's incredible Brising necklace. To get the jewelry she spent one night with each of them.

Althjof - ("Mighty Thief") A soil dwelling Dwarf

Alberich - A dwarven king, Alberich had his castle in a subterranean palace carved out of rock and ornated with gems and precious metal. He guarded the Nibelung hoard and was also a very powerful magician. He gave Siegfried the sword Balmung and a cloak which granted invisibility. Freya received the necklace Brisingamen along with Draupnir, Odin's ring, and the magical sword Tyrfing.

Alfrigg - A dwarf whom along with Dvalin, Berling, Grerr, made the Brislings' necklace for Freya. 

Alvis - His name means all-wise. He was a member of the dwarf race. In return for the weapons he forged for the gods he was promised Thrud, Thor's daughter, in marriage. Thor did not like this arrangement and devised a test of knowledge to stop the marriage. He told Alvis that he had to prove that his great wisdom made up for his small stature. Thor prolonged the test until sunrise when the rays of the sun fell upon the dwarf; all dwarves turned to stone if touched by the sun's rays.

Andvari - Andvari is a dwarf who can assume the shape of a fish if he is pursued. He lives underneath a waterfall and collects great wealth with the help of his ring Andvaranaut.

Aridva - A rock dwelling Dwarf

Austri - ("East")The Dwarf who was put in the sky's east corner by Odin, Vili and Ve. The sky is made out of the Giant Ymir's head. The other three dwarves were Nordri, Sudri and Vestri.

Bafur - A soil-dwelling Dwarf

Bari - A Dwarf that was instrumental in the building of Mengloth's hall, Lyr

Bifur - A soil-dwelling Dwarf

Bombor - Soil dwelling Dwarf

Brokk - A Dwarf; superb smith and jeweler, son of Ivaldi. With his brother Eitri he made Sif's golden hair, the spear Gungnir, the ship Skidbladnir.

Dain and Nabbi - The dwarves who fashioned the gold-bristled boar, Hildisvini, for Freya.

Dolgthvari - Rock dwelling Dwarf.

Dori - Rock dwelling Dwarf

Durin - One of the most mighty dwarves, from the start of time. He knows the destiny of the old dwarves. Together with Dvalin he forged the magic sword,Tyrfing. He is Mimir's first son, the eldest of Dwarves. He helped his father build the World-Mill to create the fertile soil needed for life on Midgard.

Dvalin - A ruler of the dwarves. the dwarf who invented runes. He also made the beautiful golden wig to replace Sif's own hair (when cut off by Loki), the spear Gungnir, and the ship Skidbladnir.

Eikinskjaldi - ("Oak Shield") The Dwarf Eikinskjaldi was a skillful artist.

Eitri [Prounounced Ay-tree] - A Dwarf and metal worker. With Brokk he made the gold boar, Gullinbursti, Odin's arm-ring and Thorr's hammer Mjollnir.

Fal - A Dwarf.

Fili - Soil-dwelling Dwarf

Finn - A Dwarf

Fjalar and Galar - Two brothers who invited Kvasir to a feast in their dismal cavern and killed him. The dwarves mixed his blood with honey and preserved it in two jars and a cauldron. The mixture fermented, creating the mead of poetry. Those who drink it become inspired poets.

Frosti - A Dwarf

Fundin - Soil-dwelling Dwarf

Galar - A mean Dwarf and brother of Fjalar. They killed Kvasir and mixed his blood with honey in pot called Odrerir and then vats called Son and Bodn, created the Mead of Poetry.

Gandalf - ("Magic Elf") A Dwarf

Ginar - A Dwarf

Gloin - A rock dwelling Dwarf

Griep (Grasper) - mother of Egil-Orvandel, Ide, and Thjasse Volund. With a second husband she was mother of Fenja and Menja. wife of the dwarf Ivalde

Har - A Dwarf

Haur - Rock dwelling Dwarf

Heptifili - A Dwarf

Hledolf - A rock dwelling Dwarf

Hor - A Dwarf

Hugstari - A rock dwelling Dwarf

Ingi - A Dwarf

Ivaldi - Father of the four master dwarfs.

Kili - Soil-dwelling Dwarf

Lit - Lit is a small Dwarf who was running around as Balder's funeral boat was being pushed in the sea. Thor was in a bad mood so when Lit got in the way, Thor kicked the Dwarf into the fire.

Lofar - One of the early dwarves

Modsognir (frenzy-roarer) One of the first dwarves created by the Gods.

Modvitnir - ("Mead-Wolf") A Dwarf

Nain - A Dwarf

Nar - A Dwarf

Nidi - A Dwarf

Nori - A Dwarf

Nyi - A Dwarf

Nyr - A Dwarf

Nyrad - A Dwarf

Oin - A Dwarf

Onar - A Dwarf

Ori - A Dwarf

Radsvinn - ("Swift in Counsel") A Dwarf

Regin - Dwarf Regin is the son of Hreidmar and brother to Otter and Fafni. He killed his father, and later the dragon Fafnir, with the help of Sigurdr Fafnisbari and his sword Gram, to get the Nibelunggold.

Rekk - A Dwarf

Siar - A Dwarf

Skafinn - A Dwarf

Skirpir - A Dwarf

Sudri - ("South") The Dwarf Sudri was put in the sky's south corner by Odin, Vili and Ve. The sky is made out of the Giant Ymir's head

Thekk - A Dwarf

Vestri - ("West") The Dwarf Vestri was put in the sky's west corner by Odin, Vili and Ve.

Vig - A Dwarf

Vindalf - ("Wind Elf") A Dwarf

Virpir - A Dwarf

Vitr - A Dwarf
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