A few words on Chakras:

Chakras are wheels or orbs of psychic energy located throughout the physical body.
The word Chakra comes from sanskrit and means wheel or disk. They denote a point of
intersection where the psychic self and the physical self connect.
When the total sum of the major chakras forms a vertical column in our body it is called
"Sushumna ".
The Sushumna is the " nadis " or networks of channels by which the prana " life force "
travels up and down through the chakras.
In addition to the seven major chakras arranged along the spine there are also minor
chakras in the hands, feet, genitals, and  so forth. 
There is about 72,00 different nadis in the etheric body. It is these nadis that acupuncturists
access to heal ailments.
The earliest mention of chakras comes from the Indian " Vedas " which mean knowledges.
It is believed that these vedas originated from the oral traditions of the Aryans, who arrived
in India about the second century B.C.E.
Generally seven main chakras are recognized, however I personally work with five additional chakras.
These are the Eighth Chakra which is located about an inch and a half above the head. This chakra serves as a psychic portal. The color is silver.
There is the "Soul Chakra" which is located about an arms length above the head. The color is gold. 
Then there is the Tenth Chakra which is known as the Grounding Chakra. It is located about 1 1/2 to 3 feet below or under the feet. The color is brown.
And there is the Eleventh Chakra which are the chakras of the hands and feet. The color is pink
And finally there is the Twelth chakra, which is actually a collection of 32 minor chakras located throughout the body.

The Seven Major Chakras: ( this list is by no means inclusive )

Root Chakra ( Muladhara )   Element is Earth                          Color is Red                            Gemstone is Ruby

Located at the tip of the spine                       Planets are Earth and Saturn                     Related Sephiroth is Malkuth        
Controls grounding, health and vitality

Sacral Chakra ( Svadhisthana )    Element is Water                  Color is Orange                      Gemstone is Coral

Located in back of the genitals                     Planet is the Moon                                      Related Sephiroth is Yesod          

Controls desire, pleasure, and creativity

Solar Plexus Chakra ( Manipura )   Element is Fire                   Color is Yellow                       Gemstone is Amber

Located at the solar plexus                           Planets are Mars and Sun                  Related Sephiroth is Hod and Netsach              
Controls assertion, will, and power

Heart Chakra ( Anahata )                Element is Air                     Color is Green                        Gemstone is Emerald

Located behind the heart                               Planet is Saturn                                          Related Sephiroth is Tiphareth          
Controls compassion, peace, love, and understanding

Throat Chakra ( Vissudha )             Element is Ether                 Color is Blue                          Gemstone is Turquoise

Located in the hollow of the throat                Planet is Mercury                    Related Sephiroths are Geburah and Chesed         
Controls expression, communication, and eloquence

Brow or Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna )  Element is Light             Color is indigo                        Gemstone is Quartz

Located in the center of the forehead           Planets are Jupiter and Neptune              Related Sephiroths are Binah and Chokmah           

Controls concentration, intuition, and visualization

Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara )   Element is Thought     Color is White     Gemstone is Diamond

Located at the top of the head                       Planet is Uranus                                        Related Sephiroth is Kether    

Controls cosmic consciousness, wisdom, spirituality, and psychic oneness with Spirit

The Ten Major Nadis:

Ida - Begins at the base of the spine and ends at the left nostril

Pingala - Begins at the base of the spine and ends at the right nostril

Sushumna - Begins at the base of the spine and ends at the center top of the head (Cave of Brahma)

Gandhari - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the left eye

Hastijihva - Begins at center of gravity and ends at right eye

Pusha - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the right ear

Yashasvini - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the left ear

Alambusha - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the mouth

Kuhu - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the genitals

Shankini - Begins at center of gravity and ends at the anus

Yoga is an excellent way to align and re-energize our chakras and nadis. Following are some Asanas (exercises) to be used with various  chakras and nadis.

Muladhara - Chest expansion, Mares posture, The Cobra, The Plow

Swadisthana - Thundrbolt posture, The Locust, The Fish

Manipura - Tree Posture, Balance Posture

Anahata - The Plow, The Bridge

Visuddha - Shoulder Stand, The Plow, Lion's Posture

Ajna - Diamond Pose, Lions Roar, Eyebrow Gaze, Spinal Twist, Alternate Leg Stretch

Sahasara - The Palm, The Corpse

Ida and Pingala - Little Twist Posture, Spinal Twist

Sushumna - The Corpse, The Bow, The Headstand

" Do you know where your Spirit Guide is right now ? "