Candle Colors and their meanings

Candles play a huge part in our rituals and energy work. This is a list of some of the Colors and their meanings. As always, this list is not meant to be conclusive, but to help serve as a guide for those who are fortunate enough to walk this path.

Black - Transformation, induces meditative states, used to banish evil or negativity, releasing energy, cleansing, represents mystery and secrets, attracts Saturn energy.

Blue - Harmony, psychic ability, Goddess energy, wisdom, peace, tranquility, truth, meditation, harmony, helps insomnia, relieves stress

Brown - Represents Earth, thrift, concentration, plantings, material increase, telepathy, locates objects that have been lost, success in business, stability, control, fertility

Dark green - Jealousy, ambition, greed

Emerald green - Fertility, attracts love, used in Venusian rituals

Gold - Solar energy rituals, happiness, success, wealth, attracts cosmic influences, wishes

Gray - Neutral color, negates negative influences, used to end bad luck

Green - Money spells, promotes prosperity, good luck spells, fertility, success, employment, creative ideas, healing spells, rejuvenation

Indigo - Used for a deep meditative state, Saturn energy

Light Blue - Peace, spirituality, tranquility, inspirational meditation

Magenta - Spiritual healing, energy

Orange - Mental clarity, confidence, healing, success, happiness,  attracts money, love, adds zest

Pink - Romance, success, friendships, forgiveness, honor, understanding, draws compassion, spiritual love, self love, charm

Purple - Power, psychic manifestations, respect, success, concentration, independence, wealth, repels negativity, work success

Red - Power, passion, energy, strength, sexual energy, love, fertility, healing, courage, will power

Silver - Psychic ability, stability, secrets, Goddess influence, meditation, lunar energy, feminine health issues

Yellow - Creativity, success, powers of concentration, memory, activity, communicating, solar energy, healing

White - Balance, spirituality, cleansing, truth, purity, lunar energy, cleansing, clairvoyance 

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