The word " aura " comes from the Greek word "avra" which means breeze or wind. Auras are fields of energy that emanates from all objects. Inanimate objects tend to have one color or hue. While animate objects have many colors or hues that are constantly changing in color and/or intensity. These hues are affected by many factors, both physical and emotional.
Auras form seven layers of energy and are said to project up to eight feet away. To the trained eye the aura can be a window to the soul. Much can be seen from a persons aura ( love, anger, jealousy, health etc. ). When two peoples auras are compatible, their auras can interact with each other. This is an excellent way to raise or power up psychic power. Thus the cone of power is created.
It is believed that when a person passes on or an inanimate object is destroyed, that the aura continues to exist as part of the universal web of energy that surrounds all things.
Chakra, being psychic orbs of energy, tend to contribute to the auric field by giving off their own particular colors.

Chakra Colors:

Root Chakra - White         Sacral Chakra - Purple        Solar Plexus Chakra - Blue-Violet      Heart Chakra - Rose-Pink   
Throat Chakra - Clear-Blue      Brow Chakra - Bright-Green             Crown Chakra - Golden-Yellow

Auric Colors and their meanings ( This list is by no means inclusive ).

Blue - Harmony, spirituality, calm, inner peace
Dark Blue - Apathy, narrow mindedness, moody

Green - Sympathy, calm, healing arts, friendship
Dark Green - Jealousy, envy, mistrust

Orange - Social involvement, creativity, caring, warmth
Dark Orange - Shallow emotions

Pink-Love, compassion, cheerful
Dark Pink - Immature, pity, guilt

Red - Vitality, sexual energy, will
Dark Red - Pain, inflammation, anger, hostility

Yellow - Optimism, warmth, cheerfulness, good health
Dark Yellow - Shy, withdrawn, selfishness

Violet - Seeking, practical, worldly, sensitive
Dark Violet - Humiliation, sorrow

Brown - Basically a negative color - earthy, materialistic, greed, physically ill, anxiety

Gray - Alls a negative color - waywardness, physical imbalances

Black - Dead or dying, very ill, secretive, depressed, black spots can mean imbalances

White - Purity, truth, high spiritual energy

Silver - Balanced life force, silver sparkles or lights can indicate pregnancy

Gold - This is the color of Spiritual masters, spiritual energy, inspiration

There are a number of ways to see auras. A few of these are:

Stand in front of a mirror with a solid and light colored wall behind you. Light the area with a soft light. Stand away from the wall 1 - 1 1/2 feet away facing the mirror. Using the mirror, look at your outline against the wall. Do not look directly at your body, but rather the outline. Relax your eyes, don't strain. Practice until you can pick out the auras outline.
Next work on picking out the colors.

A second way is to take a sheet of colored construction paper ( use bright primary colors ) hang it on a wall ( neutral colored, preferably white ) 4 - 6 feet away. Illuminate the area in soft light. Take a deep breath or two and relax. Softly focus your eyes on the colored paper.Do not look directly at it, but rather at the sides and beyond. Stay relaxed and don't strain your eyes. Let the aura appear to you. At first this will be the etheric outline. And then the colors will appear. Practice on different colored sheets of paper. When you have completed this exercise, try focusing on other objects. Work your way up to human auras.

And yet another way is to take colored construction paper and cut 4" circles. Cut out all of the primary colors. Place the circles one at a time on a large white sheet of paper. Stare softly at it for 30 - 40 seconds. Don't strain your eyes. Take away the colored circle and focus on the image left in your third eye chakra. Practice with each subsequent colored circle. The after image will eventually be replaced by the actual auric outline. Then practice seeing the actual colors.

" It only takes one to stir the Cauldron."