Brihat Jataka - Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 16 Rikshasiladhyaya

Stanza 1:

The person born In Aswini will be fond of decoration, handsome, popular, skilful and intelligent. One born in Bharani will be determined, truthful, healthy, skilful and happy.

Stanza 2:

The person born in Krittika will be a voracious enter, fond of other’s wives, attractive and renowned. Rohini makes a man truthful, clean, following religious and moral principles, sweet in speech, fixed mind and handsome.

Stanza 3:

Mrigasira-Capricious, skilful, cowardly, good speaker, hopeful, rich and enjoying. Aridra-Dissimulating in self-interest, proud, ungrateful, cruel and sinful.

Stanza 4:

Punarvasu-Religious endurance, happy, good, dull, sickly, thirsty and pleased with small gifts.

Stanza 5:

Pushya-Control over passions, popular, learned, rich and charitable, Aslesha-Dissimulator, clever in selfishness, sinful, ungrateful and a cheat.

Stanza 6:

Makha-Many servants and great wealth, enjoying, respector of elders and gods and very enterprising. Pubba-Sweet speech, liberal, handsome, fond of traveling and royal servant.

Stanza 7:

Uttara-Popular, self-acquired property, enjoying and happy. Hasta-Enterprising, intelligent or (shameless), drunkard, cruel and thievish.

Stanza 8:

Chitta-Using various clothes and garlands, good looks and limbs. Swati-Polite, merchant, kind hearted, not able to endure thirst, sweet tongued and generous.

Stanza 9:

Visakha-Jealous, avaricious, handsome, clever speaker and quarrelsome, or maker of money. Anuradha-Master or chief, living in foreign countries, not able to bear hunger and fond of traveling.

Stanza 10:

Jyeshta-Few friends, contented, charitable, very irritable. Moola-Proud, rich happy, good, steady and enjoying.

Stanza 11:

Purvashada-Good and pleasant wife, proud and a steady friend. Uttarashada-Polite, knowing, virtuous, many friends, grateful and popular.

Stanza 12:

Sravana-Rich surroundings, learned, good and liberal or liberal to wife, wealthy and renowned. Dhanishta-Liberal, rich, courageous, fond of music and money

Stanza 13:

Satabhisha-Plain and truthful, striken from sorrow through females, etc., killer of enemies, adventurous and irreconcilable. Poorvabhadra-Sorrowful, loss of money through females, skilful and miserly.

Stanza 14:

Uttarabhadra-Good and witty speaker in society and meetings, happy, many children and grandchildren, successful over enemies and charitable. Revati-Well- developed organs, popular, courageous, clean and wealthy. developed organs, popular, courageous, clean and wealthy.

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