The AEsir

AEsir is the name for the principal race of Norse gods.

Odin (Othinn, Wodan and Wotan) - He is the chief God of the Norse pantheon. Odin is a son of Bor and Bestla. With the Goddess Frigg he sired Balder, Hod, and Hermod. He fathered Thor with the Goddess Jord. And with the giantess Grid, he fathered Vidar.  He has two brothers named Ve and Vili.
Odin is a God of war and death, as well as the God of poetry and wisdom. His hall in Asgard is known as "Valaskjalf" ("shelf of the slain") and is where his throne "Hlidskjalf" is located. He has the happenings of the nine worlds delivered to him by his two ravens, "Huginn and Muninn". Odin's possesses the spear "Gungnir", which never misses the target, the ring "Draupnir", from which every ninth night eight new rings appear, and his eight-footed steed known as "Sleipnir". The horse was the offspring of Loki, who in mare form seduced a giant's horse named "Svadilfari". 
He is accompanied by two wolves "Freki" and "Geri".
Odin has only one eye, for he traded his other eye for a drink from the "Well of Wisdom" in order to gain all knowledge. Odin hung for nine days, pierced by his own spear, on the world tree (yggdrasil). During this ordeal, he learned nine powerful songs, and eighteen runes. 
On the day of the final battle, Odin will be killed by the wolf Fenrir.

Frigg - She is the wife of Odin. She is the Goddess of marriage and motherhood, love and fertility. It is said that she knows every person's destiny, but never unveils it. She is the Spinner of the thread of fate, and a shapeshifter. She tried to prevent the death of her son Baldor, by extracting oaths from every object in nature, but forgot the mistletoe. And by a spear made from mistletoe, Balder died. Her hall in Asgard is "Fensalir" (water halls). Her personal messenger is "Gna", who rides through the sky on a horse called "Hofvarpnir".

Thor - Thor is the God of thunder. He is a son of Odin and Jord. He is the strongest of the gods. He is married to Sif, a fertility Goddess. His mistress is the giantess "Jarnsaxa" (iron cutlass), and their sons are Magni and Modi and his daughter is Thrud. Thor's personal servant is "Thialfi", who also serves as the messenger of the gods.
It is thought that during a thunderstorm, Thor rides through the heavens on his chariot pulled by the goats "Tanngrisni" (gap-tooth) and "Tanngnost" (tooth grinder). Lightning flashes whenever he throws his hammer, "Mjollnir". Thor wears a belt called "Megingjard".
His hall is "Bilskirnir", which is located in "Thrudheim" (place of might). His greatest foe is Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent. At the day of Ragnarok, Thor will kill this serpent but will die from its poison. His sons will then inherit his hammer upon his death.

Tyr (Tîwaz, Tiw and Ziu) -  God of war and the patron God of justice, the precursor of Odin. He is a protector of all sanctuaries and temples. His right hand was bitten off by the gigantic wolf Fenrir (in old-Norse, the wrist was called 'wolf-joint'). His attribute is a spear, the symbol of justice, as well as a weapon.
At the day of Ragnarok, Tyr will kill the hound Garm, the guardian of hell, but will die from the wounds inflicted by the animal.

Loki- He is a son of the giant "Farbauti" (cruel striker) and the giantess "Laufey". He is the God of fire and magic, and is known as a shapeshifter. His mistress is the giantess "Angrboda", and with her he is the father of three monsters. His wife is "Sigyn". Loki is the father of some of the most loathsome beings in Nordic mythology from his mating with the giant Angrboda. She gave birth to Hel, a goddess of the underworld with the lower half of a rotting corpse; Fenrir, who swallowed the sun and bit the moon; and the serpent Jormunganr who stirred up the seas, and blew clouds of poison into the skies.
It was Loki's treachery that was responsible for the death of Balder, the God of light. As punishment he was chained to three large boulders; one under his shoulders, one under his loins and one under his knees. A poisonous snake was placed above his head. The dripping venom that lands on him is caught by Sigyn in a bowl. But every now and then, when the bowl is filled to the brim, she has to leave him to empty it. Then the poison that falls on Loki's face makes him twist in pain, causing earthquakes.
On the day of Ragnarok, Loki's chains will break and he will lead the giants into battle against the gods.

Heimdall - Heimdall is the God of light, and the son of nine mothers. He was born at the end of the world and raised by the force of the earth, seawater and the blood of a boar. He is the watchman of the Gods and he guards Bifrost, also called the Rainbow bridge, the only entrance to Asgard, the realm of the Gods.  His hall is "Himinbjorg", The Cliffs of Heaven, and his horse is Gulltop. he also carries the horn "Gjallar".
Prior to abdicating in favor of Odin, Heimdall created the three races of mankind: the serfs, the peasants, and the warriors. He represents the Northern summer.
At the final conflict of Ragnarok he will kill his age-old enemy, the evil God Loki, but will die himself from his wounds.

Ull - Ull is the God of justice and dueling, and agriculture. His name means "glory". He lives in his hall "Ydalir" (yew dales).  He is the son of Sif and the stepson of Thor. When the giantess "Skadi" divorced Njord, she married Ull. He spends the winters hunting with Skade, and the summers in Helheim with Hel.

Sif - She is the wife of the God Thor. It is thought that she could originally have been a fertility Goddess. 

Bragi - The God of eloquence and poetry, and the patron of skalds (poets). He is a son of Odin and Frigg.
Runes were carved on his tongue and he inspired poetry in humans by letting them drink from the mead of poetry. Bragi is married to Idun, the Goddess of eternal youth. Oaths were sworn over the "Bragarfull" (Cup of Bragi), and drinks were taken from it in honor of a dead king. Before a king would ascend the throne, he drank from such a cup.

Idun - The Goddess of eternal youth, fertility and death. She is married to Bragi, the God of poetry. Idun is the custodian of the golden apples of youth. When the gods feel old age approaching, they would eat one of the apples to become young again.

Balder - The God of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation. He is the son of Odin and Frigg. His wife was Nanna, the daughter of Nep. And their son was Forseti, the God of justice.
Balder's hall was "Breidablik" (broad splendor).
Baldor had been dreaming about his death, so his mother, Frigg, extracted an oath from every creature, object and force in nature  that they would never harm Balder. All agreed that none of their kind would ever hurt Balder. Thinking him invincible, the gods enjoyed themselves thereafter by using Balder as a target for knife-throwing and archery.
The evil trickster, Loki, was jealous of Balder. He changed his appearance and asked Frigg if there was absolutely nothing that could harm the God of light. Frigg, suspecting nothing, answered that there was just one thing: a small tree that was called mistletoe. She had thought it was too small to ask for an oath. Loki immediately left and returned with the mistletoe. He tricked Balder's blind twin brother Hod into throwing a mistletoe fig (dart) at Balder. Not knowing what he did, Hod threw the dart, guided by Loki's aim. The fig pierced the heart of Balder and he fell dead.

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