Whispering Woods

This grove is devoted to the serious study of Witchcraft and other Pagan related religions. If you find this offensive, then I ask that you respect our spiritual and/or religious rights and please move on. This grove is sponsored by Crick and is geared toward those with intermediate and advanced training. All of those with an open mind and a sincere desire for knowledge are welcome to enter.

  Enter Whispering Woods

Whispering Woods coven is registered with the State of Maryland and the U.S.  government as a 501 (c) (3) spiritual organization.

Greetings folks: Whispering Woods coven, which is a Celtic/Faery witchcraft coven is opening its Outer Circle to possible members. Our members hail from Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. We originated out of Baltimore county MD.
And we have been around since Beltain 2000. We are very active and offer many educational opportunities in relation to the Mystical Arts in general and Witchcraft in particular.

If you live in Lancaster PA or surrounding area and are interested in joining our sister coven, Twilight Meadows, please contact Crick at Crickjump@aol.com


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